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Thanks to the creative eye of a director known for grungy action-packed UK gangster films like Snatch and RockNRolla, the new campaign video for David Beckham Bodywear will be more than just the typical black and white shots of the sculpted soccer player in his brand-name undergarments.

This time Beckham’s been given yet another hat. He’s moved up from model to action star. Ritchie’s campaign video has the 37-year-old running though the streets and gardens of Beverly Hills in nothing but a pair of army green Bodywear boxers and hotel slippers – in the action-chase style Ritchie does so well.

“David is the perfect leading man,” said Ritchie, “For me, this felt like more than a campaign, it was like directing a short film.”

Beckham was more than happy with the results of Ritchie’s direction.

“Working with Guy has been a fantastic experience,” said Beckham, “I hope everyone has as much fun watching the film as I had making it.”

The film is set to debut worldwide on February 6 and is designed to draw attention to the new colours and styles added to the Bodywear line just in time for Valentine’s Day.

The new line will include more sportswear pieces like zip-up hoodies, long shorts, t-shirts as well as underwear, long-johns and pajamas in black, white, and utility tones.

-Elayne Millar


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