photography Sylvain Blais

styling YSO

A graduate of Montreal’s Lasalle College in 2000, Duy is one of the rising stars of Quebec’s fashion industry. After detouring to London and Paris, and working with large commercial brands, he took the next logical step forward, and began his own line. Who better than the designer himself to describe the influences of his aesthetic? “What I love above anything else are volumes like those of Cristobal Balenciaga, the genius couturier whose creations, to me, have always seemed to be models of perfection and boundless inspiration.” Considering his affinity for this tradition, it comes as little surprise that Duy, of Vietnamese descent, has cultivated an obsession – or rather two: perfectly designed shoulders and particularly rigorous craftsmanship. A perfectionist, he most certainly is, down to the smallest detail of even the simplest design – be it a button, a fabric, or a fastener. This combination of explicit femininity with a plethora of technical details manifests in pieces like the zippered “crayon” dresses, with ultra-glamorous silhouettes, an openbacked silk organza jumpsuit, or a leather skirt paired with a billowing blouse. Given just these few examples, it is clear that Duy is a Couturier with a capital “C”. There’s no doubt you’ll be hearing a lot of him in the near future; and that, is excellent news.

— Elsa Vecchi