photography Sylvain Blais
styling YSO

José Manuel and Simon Bélanger launched their womenswear line in January 2011. The two followed fairly disparate trajectories leading to this mutual end: José studied fashion design at Montreal’s Lasalle College, as well as at the prestigious Domus Academy in Milan, while Simon is a recent graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts at another Montreal institution, Concordia University. Their style is encapsulated in the line’s six letter name “UNTTLD,” understood as “Untitled.”
The theme of their work could perhaps be found in the notion of, “a maximally concentrated research on the research of volumes, cuts and materials.” And as for the rest, let every fashion lover decide for themselves. This sort of open-ended ambiguity can be seen in the pair’s description of their summer collection as “a sporty elegance that explores the stiff fluidity of organza and the sex appeal of rich, austere materials.” The collection enacts a binary of black and white, games of transparency, and effects of both volume and geometry, all masterfully handled. Their micro shorts, leather mini skirts, and dresses that reveal almost everything all promise a heavy dose of glamour. Zippers also punctuate the collection, saluting the time both young designers spent as assistants to Denis Gagnon. In only two collections, UNTTLD have ensured that we will be talking about them for a long, long time.

— Elsa Vecchi