photography Sylvain Blais
styling YSO

A graduate of Montreal’s LaSalle College in 1997, Valérie Dumaine started her career as an illustrator, pattern maker, and designer for various companies in Montreal. After a stint in England alongside designer Gail McConaghie, she made her way to Berlin to soak up the underground spirit of the renowned German city. Isn’t it always said that travel broadens the young mind? Valérie emerged from these endeavors determined to start her own business. In the spring of 2004, she did just that. “My style? Timeless and modern. I have a particular weakness for pieces that are sober, simple, yet efficient,” confides the designer, a slender, beautiful brunette. Her inspiration stems form such rich and varied sources as “Bauhaus, history, constructivism, deserts, old pattern books, and films from the 70s and 80s.” Loyal to the fundamentals for which she’s become known – clean, structured cuts and high-waisted silhouettes – Valérie also explored ultra-airy fabrics for summer. This season, she masterfully alternates between fluid draping and angular cuts, playing with drooping pockets and geometric inserts. Floating silk dresses are deliciously light, while bloomers and micro-shorts create a pretty silhouette, perfect for a hair-whipping bike ride. With such appealing designs, it’s no wonder that the line will is set to be distributed throughout Japan come July. The talents of Valérie Dumaine will no doubt be staying on the radar for a long time to come, and not only in the land of the rising sun.

— Elsa Vecchi