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I love working in the Mile-End. If I go out for a five minute walk, I can pass by more coffee shops than Lorelai Gilmore could ever dream of, which is a lot! I also have to mention the vintage shops and bars with the perfect “we don’t care if you wear your sweatpants inside” vibe that are making me like this neighbourhood even more.

Since November, I have another reason to step outside my office as many times as possible during the day. One of my favourite local jewellery brands, Deux Lionsjust opened their first boutique basically in front of the magazine’s office. How fast can you spell temptation?



Known for its sterling silver pieces and uber trendy chokers, the brand was created by Charlotte Ella Piché in 2014 after she took metalsmithing courses in New York. During that time, she also had the chance to intern with the goddess that is jewellery maker Pamela Love – and one of my many girl crushes – and learn some tricks from the best.

With its wide range of products – from handcrafted chokers to handcrafted sterling silver bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, and body chains – the brand aims to reach every type of woman. As owner Charlotte Ella Piché explains, “Deux Lions is about wearing jewelry that lets you express yourself and be fashion forward without taking the whole trend thing too seriously. Have fun with it, be yourself, be a lion.”

-Deux Lions boutique, 5431 Boulevard St-Laurent, Montréal


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