Under the theme “Common Ground”  Maria Grazia Chiuri unveiled the Dior Cruise collection at the Palais El Badi in Marrakech. The collection concentrated on highlighting similarities between cultures on the base of common values. The brand stated on an Instagram post that this cruise collection “is taking us to Marrakesh in Morocco. At the intersection of the Mediterranean, Europe and Africa, the city across centuries has drawn a stream of influential travelers, artists and creatives.

Focusing on her interest in pan-African dress which was carried out through the demonstration of rare collaborations injected into the collection, Chiuri  on-boarded French anthropologist Anne Grosfilley to introduce her to Ivory Coast factory Uniwax. The factory specializes  in the intricately patterned wax fabric native to many countries on the African continent. Additionally,  Chiuri collaborated with Monsieur Pathe’o, a talented African designer most known for being the designer of many of Nelson Mandela’s shirts.  Together,  Pathe’o and Chiuri created a unique design paying homage to Mr. Mandela, with his face printed on the back of a very special piece.

Watch the collaboration with Dior and Mr. Pathe’o 

Backstage at Dior: