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As part of my initiative to showcase the diversity of local brands, I invite you to discover Oscar Mendoza. 

           —By Andrew McNally

oscar mendozaPhoto: Tora Chirilla

Oscar Mendoza by Oscar Mendoza, Founder and Creative Director.  

What is the story behind your brand and how would you describe it? Oscar Mendoza was born from my artistic need to express a creative and intuitive vision that I have had since a young age and from my love for clothing. My interest in pop culture and fashion icons from the 1970s and 1980s in Mexico and internationally, such as Joan Collins, Miroslava Stern or Arielle Dombasle (my favorites) influenced my taste and style. I have developed a very feminine approach; I imagine silhouettes that magnify the bodies of those who wear them and draw all the attention when they enter a room.  

oscar mendozaPhoto: Christophe Flemin

What is your creative process? My creative process begins by experimenting with inspiring materials. Then I do stylistic research to choose elements to decorate the clothes: fabrics, embroideries, appliqués, etc. Sometimes the initial inspiration is triggered by a state of mind, a trip, a song or a reflection. I observe social and cultural events that affect us all in order to incorporate them into my new collections, while at the same time reflecting on the future of fashion. 

Photo: César Ochoa

What has inspired your latest collection? My Fall-Winter 2020-21 collection is inspired by the elegant and refined style of the City of Lights, with my daring touch and artistic twist; the pieces will give confidence to the wear. The collection was presented in December 2019 at the Canadian Embassy in Paris thanks to mmode, then in Toronto by the Toronto Fashion Academy in March, just before the start of the confinement.  

What are your influences? Current events are what makes me think a lot right now. Natural disasters all over the planet, the great fires in the Amazon and Australia, all those dead animals. It seems to me that big changes will come about because the risks to our lives as a human species are imminent. I imagine a future with de-globalization, more local production is imperative. In fact, I believe that we will follow this trend in the near future. I plan to produce beautiful things designed with more responsibility.  

Photo: Eluvier Acosta G

What is your signature piece? A black dress with transparent inserts of either lace, wick or horsehair.  

Photo: Eluvier Acosta G

Who is the Oscar Mendoza woman? She’s a very feminine and creative woman. She has a young and open mind. She is an ambitious career woman with great style! 

Photo: Eluvier Acosta G

What is your fondest fashion memory? My trip to Paris this Winter while I was participating in mmode’s show room is a beautiful memory. Indeed, the whole year 2019 is a succession of beautiful experiences and memories. I must also mention that I was very proud to dress Carrie Underwood for the launch of her album in Los Angeles in 2015.  

How are you coping with COVID? I am taking the time to think, create and develop products. Stay tuned! On the other hand, this crisis affects everyone in the retail trade. The shops that sell my collections are closed indefinitely for the moment because they are in shopping malls. This affects me directly. It’s time to buy local! It’s also an opportunity for me to invest and develop new distribution channels by reworking my website and my online offer.  

Photo: Eluvier Acosta G

On a different note… which book is on your nightstand at the moment? “Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty” by Andrew Bolton. 

Which song are you listening to over and over? “Sweettalk My Heart” by Tove Lo. 

Which television series are you binge watching? “Freud”  and “Unorthodox” (Netflix).  “Making the Cut” (Amazon Prime).  

What is your favorite recipe of the moment? Enjoying a succulent beef bourguignon. 

Which movie inspires you? “Pan’s Labyrinth” directed by Guillermo del Toro. 

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Written on: June 22, 2020