An interview with the men behind Larose Paris, Isaac Larose-Farmer & Marc Beaugé.

How would you define the company’s mission and the intention behind your products?

We don’t want to conquer the world. We just want to do one type of products, and do it very well. We don’t want to be fashionable, neither. We just want to last for a long time. And improve season after season. We want people to trust us and find our products both beautiful and honest. No easy task.


You play a lot with patterns and textures, how is the selection process behind the materials and products you use. How involved are you in the production of the pieces?

We design the pieces and we source the materials ourselves. We go to tradeshows. When we don’t forget to go, we also like flee markets, and ebay is always cool… We look everywhere. And our factory is great. We work with just one factory in the south of France. The boss has a goatee, he is a bit fat, but he likes us. So he is OK to try things for us. He also does hats for Lacoste, Hermes, Saint Laurent and Comme des Garçons… But he always says we are better than them. For real. For real!


How would you define the inspiration behind the ideas of the lines or products you create?

We all know caps and hats can be “too much”. We never want Larose to be “too much” on anyone. We look for a classic and understated elegance. Winter is easy. Summer is a bit tricky. Because being elegant in the summer is always harder. But we are getting close….



With people like Kendrick Lamar wearing Larose Paris it seems clear that your products are popular amongst the artistic community. Is this a direction you would like to move towards to more and more (collaborations, etc.)?

We would actually like to collaborate with writers. Old writers. Not cool at all. If Philip Roth wants to design a hat for us, he is more than welcome. Douglas Coupland also. And Jonathan Franzen. And Michel Houellebecq. But Kanye West, no thanks.


You are now distributed in many countries including Japan, Australia, the United Kingdom, etc. How do you sense the world of fashion moving towards in terms of taste and demand? Do you see differences in demand depending on the location or does it seems to all go in the same direction?

Fashion is global. As we all know. But the sizes of the head isn’t the same everywhere Japanese people have small heads for instance. Luckily our caps fit all. It’s even written inside.


What should we expect from Larose Paris in the upcoming years?

Hats and caps. No more. No less.


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