This Monday December 4, you are invited by Veuve Clicquot to take part in a cocktail party at Auberge St-Gabriel. Animated by  Patrick Langlois and four renown chefs such as Clarisse Jolicoeur (Santos), Olivier Vigneault (Jatoba), Nick de Palma (Inferno) and Ola Claesson (Auberge St-Gabriel), the event aims to collect funds for Accueil Bonneau.



It’s a unique occasion to feast on succulent appetizers and sip champagne all night, while also enjoying a chance to win many fabulous prices!



About Accueil Bonneau:

Every day they open their doors to hundreds of homeless people or those at risk of being homeless and help them by responding to their basic needs and helping them achieve a better quality of life and well-being, towards social reintegration and residential stability.