Imagine a job that requires from you that you travel all the time in different countries, meet new people, be a part of fun and exciting events and share your passion to a very enthusiastic crowd.

Sounds perfect, right? Well, there is a person who has the chance of living this dream as a part of her brand ambassador work tasks. Her name is Camille Ralph Vidal and she has been known for 6 years now as Madame St-Germain as the global ambassador for St-Germain. Born in an artistic family in the south of France, Camille grew up knowing that she will eventually make a living of something artistic herself.

“I studied in theater, before jumping into the world of communication and press relations. After five years studying, I decided it was time for me to travel a little bit. At the time, I wasn’t speaking English at all, so I decided to leave for Australia to learn the language on the spot. Once I arrived in this new country, I started working in a restaurant to make a little bit of money like every person of my age. The place where I was working was serving cocktails and that’s how I started to learn about the subject and get my first real contact with this fascinating universe that I fell in love with.”

“I have such a strong passion for St-Germain that I almost feel like the liquor runs through my veins.”

She worked for two years learning her craft behind the bar and managing beautiful bars in Melbourne before realizing she should find a way to mix all her passions into one. That’s how the idea of being a brand ambassador for a liquor company made its way into her mind. She knew it had to be with a French brand, since it was the best way to stay close to her origins.

“St-Germain was a brand that I’ve always liked, especially for its versatility and quality. I was already using it in many of my cocktails because you can mix it with almost everything. I started going into and winning cocktails’ competitions and that’s how I ended up meeting Rob Cooper, who was (he died last year) the creator of liqueur St-Germain. We had an amazing connection from the start and I think he saw in me the French woman and also the bartender with a passion for his brand. He offered me a position with St-Germain  and this is how everything began.”


You can clearly hear the passion for her work in her voice, as Camille describes the different aspects of being a brand ambassador for St-Germain. Along with creating cocktails for the company and being in charge of many events, she spends most of her time traveling the world to educate the consumers and bartenders about St-Germain. Since she was there at the origins of the brand, she is also implicated in the marketing of the label to make sure it stays true to its real spirit.

“We really want to educate people and make sure they know that St-Germain was the first company to use natural elderflower blossoms, along with showing them how simple it is to create cocktails with our liquor. I used to do all this by myself, but I started to form recently a team of talented bartenders to represent the brand. I am in charge of training them and it’s very exciting. My work for St-Germain keeps evolving and I am still passionate about what I am doing like it was the first day. I feel very lucky.”

 Talking about what being a brand ambassador for a liquor company implies, she promptly gives some advices. “You have to make sure you find the brand that is the right fit for you. You can receive offers from different companies and think that you need to say yes to the first one, but make sure you pick the right one. It’s all about the connection. In my case, I have such a strong passion for St-Germain that I almost feel like the liquor ruins through my veins.”

Her last declaration is something we don’t have a hard time believing at all.

Curious to learn more about St-Germain’s universe? You can purchase for yourself the book How to Drink French Fluently: A Guide to Joie de Vivre with St-Germain Cocktails here, co-written by Camille herself.