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HERBIVORE Rose Hibiscus Coconut Water Hydrating Face Mist


This natural hydrating toner, created with pure plant actives and no fillers, tones, hydrates, and softens all skin types. A mix of coconut water infused with youth-boosting hibiscus flower petals and moisture-enhancing Bulgarian rose perfects and smoothes the layers of the skin.


OLE HENRIKSEN Nurture Me Facial Water



This facial mist (with a nutrient-rich botanical blend of cucumber and chamomile extracts and pro vitamin B5) cools, soothes and hydrates the skin while indulging your senses. Mist any time of day for a healthy-looking glow.


CAUDALIE Grape Water



This organic formula increases hydration and reduces sensitivity while having anti-inflammatory properties. This versatile mist can be used as a toner, as a setting spray before applying makeup, to sooth rosacea, to refresh and hydrate the skin throughout the day.


TATA HARPER Hydrating Floral Essence



This moisturizing toner smooths and boosts the skin’s natural hydration with bioidentical hyaluronic acid and a weightless blend of natural humectants, delivering an all-day moisturized feel and plump appearance. Use it over or under your makeup to improve and hydrate your complexion on the go.


BEAUTYCOUNTER Nourishing Rosewater Mist



This skin-softening toning spray, made with organic rose essence, purified water, and moisturizing sodium hyaluronate, can be used to set makeup or whenever you need to refresh your complexion.


VICHY Mineralizing Thermal Water



Vichy Mineralizing Thermal Water is charged in 15 minerals, to reduce redness and soothe irritations and discomfort, while improving the quality of skin and reinforcing the skin’s natural defences against external factors and prematured aging. It delivers a healthy glow by accelerating the regeneration of our skin by bringing new cells to the surface quicker. It also strengthens the skin’s natural defense system and makes the skin’s barrier stronger while restoring and preserving a steady pH, allowing the balanced skin to fight against external aggressors.






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