Dress to Kill had the opportunity to sit down with The Trollsen Twins to talk about fashion and the future of the stylish dynamic duo.

Interview by Sigrid Spazuk

Tell us how you met. How did you find one another ?

I (Savannah) was an editor at IX Daily and we had a meeting to introduce new writers to the team, in walked Sydney in a leather jacket with super long fringe and we hit it off immediately. We didn’t like the way fashion was going in the city so we teamed up and started organizing shoots pretty fast.


Did you plan to enter the fashion industry together, or was it one of those things that just happened?

Sydney was in fashion design and I (Savannah) was just starting in Journalism and doing a lot of writing for IX Daily, so we were already heading in that direction. We do really motivate each other, being together creates this force we can’t control and it seems as though it’s taken on a life of it’s own.


What was the basis behind starting The Trollsen Twins? What did you feel was missing in the blogging & styling world ?

We (Sydney) feel the industry takes itself so seriously when it’s all about feeling good and creating. We’re pleasure seekers. Montreal needs a fashion revolution, everyone is so creative but it’s like there’s no resources available for any of us. Shops are empty or closing, and designers can’t find support. We’ve always felt a kind of impulse to showcase these people’s work and everything else that’s coming out of Montreal. Sometimes we find a brand and we fall in love, we become mommies.

 Why did you decide on the name the ‘Trollsen Twins’ ? 

(savannah) In the beginning we would go to events and we would just get bombed and laugh hysterically the entire time. People always noticed and made comments about our behavior and we concluded that we were like an off version of the Olsen twins, who are so notoriously soft spoken and low key but present in the fashion world. We come in such stark contrast that the name was perfect.


How would you best describe each others style? What is the secret behind interplaying each others fashion sense ? How do you achieve that give-and-take so fluently?

Sydney: Savannah needs to be comfortable. I’m jealous when we go to fancy events because she manages to look formal but is secretly wearing boxers and a sports bra underneath. She’s also a master at mixing the weirdest colors.

Savannah: Sydney is always either wearing something with Mickey Mouse on it or something mesh. I would describe her style as glamorous cowgirl. It’s hard to say how we mesh our outfits so well but I think that’s why we found each other in the first place, because we’re style soulmates!


There’s quite an irreverent sense of humor in your style, where to you take influence from when creating your looks? Do you look for anything in particular? Is the process of finding inspiration fairly strategic?

(Sydney) No! It’s not at all strategic. We combined our vintage collections and we’ve just been doing what feels right. We like unexpected combinations and we don’t like to stay too much on trend. We do take influence from trend blazing people, but mainly past icons.

 Do you ever feel like revisiting a certain era with fashion? Which era do you find yourself most often visiting these days?

(Sydney) I’d love to sport anything from Marc Jacobs’ early 90’s grunge collection. That collection got him fired from Perry Ellis! It would be so relevant today.


What has been the most exciting project you worked on this year? & What are excited about right now? 

(Sydney) Shooting Denis Gagnon’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection with Ali the alligator was the best experience, everyone fell in love with him. We didn’t know what to expect but he was so gentle and puppy-like.


‘Self proclaimed mothers of local emerging talent in fashion’, you seem to have kept the heart of The Trollsen Twins firmly in Montreal. Why did you decide to maintain that focus?

(Savannah) Because if nobody else does it then who the hell will? Montreal’s fashion industry is in a state of emergency if I’m not being too dramatic. We believe in our city and we know that talent is everywhere; it’s just that people always succumb to the many benefits of moving operations to Toronto or New York. It’s just too hard around here, and we’re trying to show people that there’s something that’s worth staying for.

 You previously titled a ‘Trollsen Twin Talk’: “Atelier Wonder Saves Montreal Fashion”. Tell us a little about your involvement with Atelier Wonder. Why are local emerging designers so meaningful to you?

(Sydney) Paulina (Atelier Wonder designer) came into our lives at a time when we really weren’t sure that there was anything in the city to push. We had our fair share of cool street wear brands, but nothing that you could find in the pages of the magazines we read. It’s been great to see her inspire so much, we’ve really noticed a shift in attitude towards local talent.


Is it important to use your platform to affect change in thefashion industry?  

(Savannah) Yeah, we use our platform to showcase all that is local the most that we can.


There’s something happening in Montreal right now –  you can feel the spirit of a new kind of creative energy.How do you continue to push forward and venture into newness?

(Savannah) We also feel that energy! I think there’s some optimism in the air, and now that we’ve all addressed the problem we can start to rebuild the industry. There was this denial of the whole issue and I think we’re all past that. Now let’s collaborate!


 What excites you most about being involved in fashion today?

(Sydney) I love the angle at which we see fashion. I went to Saskatchewan every summer, and got a cell when I turned 17. We experienced MySpace, Napster, Facebook and everything else right when it came out. I think that fashion in our “digital age” is such a massive world with endless possibilities. There are no boundaries if a designer in Japan can message us on Instagram, you know?


If you could collaborate with anyone in the industry, past or present, who would you collaborate with and what would you collaborate on?

(Sydney) Vivienne Westwood! Maybe we would make some lingerie out of candy wrappers? She does gorgeous things with reused materials.


What is your dream for The Trollsen Twins ?

To have unlimited resources for our unlimited ideas.


What three rules do The Trollsen Twins live by ?

-Alwaysbring snacks to a photo shoot

-Learn through collaboration

-What would Sheryl Crow do?


Photographer: Phillip Faith
Make Up: Elektra Dagger
Hair: Terry Scissorhands


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