Whether it’s movies, fashion, or music, Chloe Wilde has been bringing viewers the inside scoop in all things entertainment. Her infectious enthusiasm and natural ability to connect with people has led her to become one of Canada’s most beloved reporters on the country’s number one entertainment show, eTalk. We sat down with Wilde to learn more about her career, her beauty routine, and her passion for wellness.

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“I just needed that to feel human again.” It’s early on a Friday morning in June, and Wilde has just called me after a 45-minute bike ride on her Peloton, an experiential exercise bike that transports users to high-end cycling classes worldwide from the comfort of their own home. She spends the first five minutes of our call gushing over the service which she only got a week prior. “This is not sponsored, but I’m just genuinely really into it.”

A natural conversationalist, Wilde impresses with her passion and knowledge for personal health. This is what differentiates Wilde from her counterparts: in a world where beauty and wellness are spotlighted and scrutinized, she brings a sense of authenticity and reality to her fans and readers.

“I don’t know if I live a balanced life at all. I would love to know what balance feels like – it is definitely something I strive for – but the state I live in is organized chaos. I think that’s a more realistic way to approach life, especially when you have so much on the go. The way that I try to stay on top of everything is old school. I need to write everything out by hand.”

Her journaling habits allow her to prioritize wellness, a passion that started in her university days. By visualizing the big picture parts of her week on paper, she is able to schedule in time to meal prep, workout, sleep etc.

“Wellness, for me, is not one thing – there is no secret sauce to it. You have to take care of yourself at each age in more ways than one, and that’s physical health, mental health, nutritional health, cardiovascular and – my personal favourite – whatever sets your soul on fire. To feel like you’re living your best life and to feel like your best self, it’s such a combination of all of these things.”


Photo by Bettina Bogar


Spending so much time around celebrities has influenced her perspective on wellness as well. “It’s interesting working near musicians and celebrities who are constantly in the limelight. Musicians especially, they have to give their all on stage, and then go spend so many nights in a row living in a tour bus. In the six years I’ve been [entertainment reporting], I’ve seen quite a shift in the music industry. Tours are becoming healthier and healthier. It used to be that you’d go on tour and it’d be nonstop partying all the time, wake up hungover, do the show, party, repeat. I’m noticing that in the musicians that I’m interviewing, there’s really been a shift in taking care of yourself and the band while you’re on the road. I love that the [music] industry is going that direction.”

There’s no doubt that a healthy lifestyle is paramount to Wilde, who runs a successful blog, Healthy is Hot, simultaneous to her demanding career. “Choosing to live a healthier life is just that: a choice. If you’re going to commit to that choice, be ready to show up for yourself.”

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As one of Canada’s most well-known wellness gurus, her advice for living healthier is surprisingly concise. “When it comes to wanting to be healthier, people put so much pressure on themselves to change overnight, and I think that is so unrealistic. If you’re going to do it, look at your dream person you want to be and break it down into smaller goals. See what you can implement this week. Then, you can see the progress your making, you won’t take on too much (because we all can’t be Beyonce), and you can check in with yourself so you will become that much more motivated to stick with it. The other part is knowing your why. Why do you want to be healthier? Is it for vanity reasons? Or is it to not be out of breath when climbing the stairs at work? Or is it we’re getting older and things are starting to change? Keep your why close to your heart and it will keep you on track.”

Photo by Bettina Bogar

Her approach to food and exercise is to keep her body guessing. “I’m someone who gets bored easily, so I need to change it up.”  Right now, her favourite way to break a sweat is the previously mentioned Peloton, hot yoga, as well as the new Australian-founded fitness class sensation, F45. On Wednesdays, she organizes a Healthy is Hot run club in Toronto, tracing a 5km route from the city’s infamous Trinity Bellwoods Gates with brief health chats and New Balance bonuses.

After years of trying to do it all, Wilde is more selective with how she delegates her time. “I’ve realized that by saying no to something, I’m saying yes to myself. I think this is really important because this isn’t selfish – this is self-care. For me, waking up and going to the gym is saying yes to myself. It is the way I can ensure that if other stuff comes up later in the day, I’m still able to check off that box.”

There is no typical day in this whirlwind career. “If I’m in Toronto, I usually wake up and get my workout in. Straight out of bed and into fitness – get it done and sets the tone for the remainder of the day.” She then heads to the office, where she’ll go right into the booth to do voice over recordings before moving into hair and makeup and wardrobe. “When we get ready for the show, we like to have a look at the script that was written in the studio, to see if it’s reflective of what we actually think of the story and how we’d actually say that phrase. And then we shoot the show!” Throughout the day, Wilde will find herself all over the city for segments, whether it be inside a restaurant cooking with a chef or hanging out at a press junket for a film. The eTalk team also supports the other news shows from an entertainment angle, so she will record entertainment hits for shows like CP24 or Marilyn Denis and Jamar.

Her beauty routine parallels her ever-changing schedule. “I’m someone who has a thousand and one skincare products that I use depending on the day.” Wilde does note a couple of products in heavy rotation, including the Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery (a face cream with SPF50), Caudalie Beauty Elixir (a grape extract mist for immediate radiance), and The Ordinary’s Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG(for taming under-eye circles).

Photo by Bettina Bogar

The start to her career was far from usual: “I got into the entertainment world in the most backward, unusual, rollercoaster way,” she tells me.

Wilde completed a science degree at McGill, and was in the midst of her second degree, this time in Nursing when she entered what she refers to “the worst burnout of her life.”

From the outside, it seemed uncharacteristic. She had high grades, a strong social circle, incredibly involved in extra-curricular, and made time to have fun. However, this could not mask the pressure accumulated from five rigorous years of academia and navigating her life path. The university’s Student Wellness Servicessuggested to take a year sabbatical to focus on herself.

“When January of 2013 came around, I didn’t know what to do with myself. I remember sitting on the couch in my tiny apartment, thinking that all of my friends were going back to school, and I had no idea what I was going to do that day, let alone the rest of the year.”

It was that day when Wilde was flipping through the TV channels in her pink polka-dot onesie, that she stumbled upon an ad that would forever change her life: The Much Music VJ Search. “It was with all the current VJ’s and they said, ‘Would you want to be the next Much Music VJ?’ and at that moment, I was just like ‘F ya, why not! What else am I going to do?”

It was at that moment that she decided to embark on a journey that she had never envisioned for herself. She channelled the energy previously placed in academia into the VJ contest, crafting her entry video and rallying up friends to vote for her. “I got lucky. People voted, and I got on the reality show, travelling across the country. I landed a 3-month contract with Much and somehow, six years later, I’m still in the business.”

In the past six years, Wilde has covered the biggest red-carpet moments, interviewed some of Hollywood’s hottest players, and lit up our living rooms every weeknight on CTV’s eTalk. “It’s pretty crazy to think that in six years of working in TV how much you do and how much you forget you’ve done: it’s such a fast-paced world.” Her biggest highlight was hosting the MMVA Red Carpet, a hallmark pop culture occasion for any Canadian teen. “It’s a challenging show to host. Things are always changing; there are curveballs and people showing up late or they don’t walk where they should. I love the thrill of that. Collectively, all the MMVA’s I’ve done have been my number one highlight.”

Wilde also prides herself in her involvement of WE Day, an annual stadium event series that empowers youth and celebrates the impact they have made on local and global issues. Organized by WE Charity, formally known as Free The Children, it is a uniquely Canadian charity founded by brothers Marc and Craig Keilburger when they themselves were only young teenagers. “Through my work at Bell Media, I’ve been able to become a part of the WE Day family, hosting events across the country and visiting Kenya to see the work they do on the ground. That’s such a beautiful blend of all the things I am genuinely passionate about.”

In terms of Healthy is Hot, Wilde is most proud of her new podcast. “I adore interviewing people and doing it through a Healthy is Hot lens in a podcast format is a dream come true. We are just interviewing really interesting people who are living passionate lives, and through that conversation and finding out who they are, we are learning what their relationship with health is like.”

Wilde has come far from her Much Music VJ days, inspiring an entire community, both online and off, to live better, reach higher, and become their best selves. Her positive energy radiates throughout our conversation, and I begin to question if the glow of the TV when eTalk is on is actually just her personality shining through the screen. It’s rare to find a host that resonates with viewers, but Wilde has the magic touch. With big dreams, hyperintelligence, and a mission to empower, Chloe Wilde is truly a breath of fresh air in the entertainment industry.

Catch Chloe Wilde weeknights at 7 on eTalk and on her weekly podcast.