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Poppy & Peonies Brigitte Top Handle Bag in Black ($115)

This company is named after the founder’s daughter who is named Poppy. After studying in Toronto, she started her family and her passion for functional fashion in the form of affordable and versatile bags. Poppy & Peonies was born as a Canadian company with a focus on empowering women. This bag is the perfect size, keeps its shape, and feels luxurious while still having that cool edginess that I love with its statement golden ring. This bag is the perfect side and complete with multiple pockets for all your needs.

-Rebecca Kahn




Belvedere X Laolu for Red

I’ve made it clear on many occasions that I am mostly a whisky girl, but there is something about vodka that has been catching my attention over the last few months. Call it a boozy sixth sense, but I feel like 2019 will be its big comeback.

This season, Belvedere Vodka is collaborating with award-winning visual artist, musician, and activist Laolu Senbanjo to create a striking limited edition bottle available in-store. The first Belvedere bottle with high-quality full-wrap sleeve technology features a flowing design with sharp edges that represent the water and rye working together to produce dimension and taste. Subtle skin-sense texture, which reacts to UV light, is used to bring another sensory component to the bottle. The charcoal colouring and distinct shapes create complex, story-rich designs, which draw heavily from his Yoruba heritage. The bottle itself is beautiful, and I wouldn’t be mad to see it waiting for me under the Christmas tree.

-Marie-Ève Venne

Aesop Orbit of Intention Atlas of Attraction Gift Kit ($150)

This “nurturing care for skin and self” gift set includes a Blue Chamomile Facial Hydrating Masque (60 ml), an Immediate Moisture Facial Hydrosol (60 ml), and a Purifying Facial Exfoliant Paste (75 ml). This is part of Aesop’s four options of Atlas of Attraction gift kits for 2018-2019 that are designed in collaboration with the incredible Dutch couturier Iris van Herpen who is known for her nonconformist fashion. The beautiful graphics are customized and handpicked by the designer from an extensive archive of designs. These kits relate to the journeys we embark on at the end of each year, focusing on the connection and attraction that comes with the changing nature and seasons. “The organic lines in the pieces represent our unfolding path, while the circular forms symbolise the cycle of returning to that which inspires us,” noted van Herpen. The actual products are of course incredible because they’re Aesop. These face care products are amazing for my picky skin and make me feel like a whole new person with each use.

-Rebecca Kahn

Boda Skins Men’s Aviator ($829)

We’ve been obsessed with Boda Skins at DTK since first touch. If, in this day and age, you’re going to buy leather, you better make sure it’s high quality that will last you a lifetime. Supple and soft to the touch, these jackets hold their form and quality over time, while slowly shifting to fit your body shape. This classic silhouette is a great gift for the men in your life this holiday season with its detachable shearling collar to give you a bit more warmth, but you should peruse their website and see all the incredible options they have, to find the perfect fit for your gift giving needs.

-Rebecca Kahn




The Flame by Leonard Cohen ($32.95)

Saying that I am a huge fan of Leonard Cohen’s work would be an understatement. When he died, I was away from Montreal with my family. When I learned the news, I begged them to make an early trip back to the city, so I could leave flowers on what used to be his home.

This book is a stunning collection of Cohen’s last poems, selected and ordered by the author in the final months of his life. Featuring lyrics, prose pieces, and illustrations, the book also contains an extensive selection from Cohen’s notebooks.

-Marie-Ève Venne



Bastide Ambre Maquis Eau de Toilette ($165 / 100 ml)

This French brand creates their stunning fragrances in Aix-en-Provence, which is fitting for their name; a Bastide is a traditional manor house in Provence, made of terracotta walls and filled with warm meals and fresh plants. Their local French “Beautisans” use their savoir-fair and expertise in luxury and natural ingredients to make this stunning fragrance with a tangerine and elemi head, a rose and labdanum heart, and dry notes of patchouli, amber, creamy sandalwood, and “light, water, and ♥.” This creates a musky and sultry scent that envelopes you into an embrace of softness and comfort. The only problem is that when you smell it, you’ll want to keep it for yourself!

-Rebecca Kahn