“Well you cured my January blues. Yeah you made it all alright” -Artic Monkeys


I don’t know if it’s the beginning of the New Year that works its weird effect on me, but I’ve been craving new music recently like never before. I can seriously declare that my most intense relationship at the moment is the one that I have with my Spotify account. I can almost hear him whispering at night “Hey girl, you know that I have the perfect song to cure your insomnia. You’re welcome.”

Okay, my weird state of mind aside, I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s been looking for new artists to brighten their days or make them cry all the freaking tears in the world. Hey, it’s your mood and I don’t judge.

So take a look at the selection below, pick your headphones and turn the volume up!


LAUREL – Life Worth Living For

The Brit singer with the husky voice knows how to create raw and unique tracks that are flirting between the music genres. After listening to the deeply emotional San Francisco, you could quickly categorize her as an alternative folk artist with a strong love for assertive drum beats, but then you give a go to A Life Worth Living For -that she entirely wrote, produced and performed alone- and you can’t help but feeling all the pop vibes in the world. It’s actually pretty thrilling that a young singer, who hasn’t even released her first album yet, can deliver such quality songs that are quite intoxicating.




This song isn’t actually a new release and I’m simply guitly of not having paid attention to it before. The fact is, as soon as I heard the track Home, I had to send it to as many of my friends as possible. If you are all about, stripped down melodies, soothing vocals and songs that are mainly based around the lyrics, this one is also for you. For his story, he is the brother of Dot Major from London Grammar, with whom he shares a home-studio in Camden. It might make me sound like a creep, but a part of me can’t help but wishing that I was invited to their family dinners to spy on them, creating beautiful music together.




I seriously don’t know what I was doing when Matthew Hegarty and his band quietly released their second album  Temple over the spring of 2016, but at least I was able to catch up on the unplugged version. Their music is the perfect blend between folk music and minimalist electro -which might explain why the singer is often referred as the British Bon Iver- making you almost wish that more artists dare to leave their guitar behind to explore new territories. The song Can’t You See is a simple, but yet beautiful track supported by Hegarty’s trembling voice and piano melody, charged with painfully honest lyrics as he promises to always be there for his loved one.



ED SHEERAN – Shape Of You

Damn you Ed Sheeran, you did it again. Every time the Brit singer releases a new single, I can’t help but play it on repeat until it’s stuck in my head for the rest of the week.  Let’s be clear, Shape of You doesn’t reinvent anything, but it’s seriously catchy. Also, knowing that it was originally intended for Rihanna, you come to a better understanding of the tropical house beat. If you are looking for the sad version of the singer, you should probably pass on this song, since we have here an Ed Sheeran that is ready to go out and have some fun for once, which he makes pretty clear with the lyrics: Say, boy, let’s not talk too much/Grab on my waist and put that body on me/Come on now, follow my lead.



SNAKEHIPS and MO – Don’t Leave

I usually prefer to discover a song before looking at the video, simply to make sure I am not seduced by the visual instead of really paying attention to the song itself. It wasn’t the case for MO’s latest collaboration with a trendy DJ, but it didn’t stop me from falling for this emotional plea since the clip was pretty simple. Even if it’s a track where the production and flowing synths are clearly put upfront, I am mostly attracted to it for the lyrics. The singer has this way of writing songs about complicated relationships that are so freaking relatable to most of us that it almost hurts. It’s okay, everybody knows that I am already sold to MO.





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