No matter if you are “the pool party” kind of girl or the one to hit the road to feel the warmth of the sun, you will always need the right playlist to put you in the perfect mood.


Because I am the annoying one at DTK that always wants to know everything that is going on, I asked the people at the office which songs they will listen to all summer long. Here are the ones that made the cut on their Ipod!


Bianca @bianca_tay


Untitled 08 – Kendrick Lamar

The entire album is composed of songs that didn’t make it on to Lamar’s acclaimed album To Pimp a Butterfly.  While the whole album is a dizzying mixture of free jazz, soul, and avant-garde beats, this funky song has been on constant replay for the past month.


Stayin’ Alive – The Bee Gees

Because who doesn’t want to listen to some disco during the summer months?



Mayillah @mayillah_


III. Telegraph Ave (“Oakland” by Lloyd) – Childish Gambino

There’s something about Childish Gambino’s music that makes it appropriate for summer. This song always puts me in a chill mood.


Weekend – Mac Miller Feat. Miguel

For some, summer just feels like a 3 month weekend. This is the perfect song to get ready for summer activities whether it be parties, vacations or adventures.


Belinda @fashnbella


Too Good – Drake ft. Rihanna

I love anything that involves a Drake and Rihanna combo and their chemistry in this song is undeniable.


One Dance – Drake ft. Wizkid and Kyla

Forgive me, but Drake is my guilty pleasure this summer and every time I hear this song, it takes everything out of me not to start dancing, no matter where I am.


Marie-Ève  @marie_v23


Mø – Final Song

I’ve been obsessing with her since the first time I listened to her LP No Mythologies to Follow. Now that she is back with a new song, it has to, obviously, go on my playlist for the sunny season. I can’t wait to finally catch her at Osheaga!



Kaleo – No Good

I already share with you here my obsession with the TV show Vinyl. It’s in one of the episodes that I heard that song by Kaleo for the first time. And it hitted me like a ton of bricks! It’s like The Veils had a magical music baby with Kings of Leon (before they shaved their beards). And you can also catch them at Osheaga this summer!






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