The finished product. On Nails: NStyle "Catwalk" In bottle: NStyle "St. Catherine's!"

NStyle Manicure

Going to a nail salon for me has always meant scary cuticle cutting, awkward conversations with the manicurist, and not so sterilized tools. With all the horror stories you hear, it’s no wonder I’ve taken to DIY-ing my own manicures at home. But when a new nail salon pops up, promising 30-minute, no skimp, manicures, it get’s a little hard to resist. So, I set my fears aside and went to Montreal’s newest beauty destination, NStyle Nail Lounge. Located in the heart of downtown, their salon, in Place Montreal Trust, boasts their first North American address; they’ve already been successfully running 19 salons, mostly in the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East, for the past 10 years.

My apprehensions were set aside when I walked into the white and periwinkle blue painted salon, complete with a smiling face at the desk. Nice staff? Check. Then came the hard part; choosing a colour from over 200 of NStyle’s very own nail polish line. Lack of selection was certainly not an issue here. Once I settled on “Catwalk,” a dusty teal, I was off to sit in a comfy chair at a cute station. The open concept, with nail stations in the centre of the room and pedicure stations that run against the walls, was refreshing to see, compared to the typical layout of many nail salons. I sat down, and along with coffee, tea, or water, was offered a pair headphones, enabling me to tune into the show playing on the television. No awkward conversations awaiting me here (not that it would’ve been awkward at all, my nail technician was the sweetest!). So I tuned into Friends, one of my favourite shows, and proceeded to endure the most difficult part of my manicure:  trying not to laugh out loud, as I watched Ross gets horribly spray tanned over and over again, in an otherwise silent room where no one else could hear the television. If that’s the most of your worries on a weekday morning, then I’d say you’re not doing so bad.

My nails were filed, buffed, and painted, all with the most sterile of tools that were freshly opened right in front of my eyes; finally a place that is as clean as it looks. The end result was a perfect manicure that had me wondering why I don’t do this more often, all done in a rush and skimp free, 30 minutes.

In addition to a classic manicure, the salon also offers MINX nails, something I’ll definitely be going back for. Plus, they offer facials, massages, and waxing in beautiful, relaxing, private rooms. If you’re looking for a quality salon that offers great (and quick!) service, then NStyle is definitely worth a try.
– Natacha Medeiros


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