Everybody that’s keeping watch on the fashion industry knows that Fashion Week is the time where the most fabulous and eye-catching attires appear, and now with the launch of eBay’s shop-able “inspiration hub”, shopping has never been made easier.

Lincoln Centre, the place where all the fashion forward industry insiders will gather on the eve of the event that is none other than New York Fashion Week will be the site where eBay’s expansion into the world of high fashion will bear its fruits. Street style photographs from the event will be dutifully documented by the throng of photographers, and at the “inspiration hub” fashion-minded consumers can track down retail listings carefully curated from hired tastemakers that resemble similar styles of the garments captured right off the backs of the fashion week attendees. Whether you are in the city of New York or some place else around the world, eBay encourages you to submit your own fashion week photos with the hashtag #ShopInspired.