Emily Weiss started her beauty blog Into the Gloss back in 2010.

Before the starting her blog, she bopped around the fashion industry from intern to assistant, taking hold of the opportunity to peak into the beauty bags of the elite. As Into the Gloss accumulated a whopping 10 million readers per month she noticed a lack of loyalty among consumers.  That was when she had a “eureka” moment, to start a her direct-to-consumer brand.

With an unconventional approach, Weiss strategized her brand Glossier to push back on beauty standards and industry messaging by establishing the  brand values around “flaunting what you’ve got”. Regarded (not officially) as the “no makeup, makeup brand” Glossier’s success to-date, has soared.

The ‘barely there’ philosophy has definitely struck a cord with consumers, and on Tuesday Glossier landed a $100 million Series D funding led by Sequoia Capital; tripling the Series C funding of $52 Million from 2018. The Company’s valuation is now $1.2 billion, as stated by the Wall Street Journal. Glossier has now, officially entered the Unicorn club.

What’s next for Weiss? The girl boss just launched the spin off brand “Glossier Play”- a more playful and super glossy alternative.