Awesome European products everyone should know about!


The unique European  environment produces uncommonly delicious raw ingredients. Recipes and practices handed down from generation to generation, ensure outstanding flavors.  It its what makes the difference between uncommon European originals and inferior imitations and sound-alikes.

As a part of the Enjoy, it’s from Europe program presented by the European Union (UE), a new campaign named Saveurs européennes d’exception aims to inform consumers from Canada and USA about three exceptional Italian products: Asiago cheese (pastures between the Asiago Plateau and the Trentino’s highlands), Speck Alto Adige ham ( produced in South Tyrol, northern Italy) and Pecorino Romano cheese (from Emilia-Romagna in Italy).

Earlier this month, we had the chance to take part to an information session “speed dating” style, animated by the renown chef Stefano Faita, followed by delicious small bites provided by students of chef Pasquale Vari. Take a look at the photos below to get a peak of what these products are all about.



Protected Designation of Origin (PDO): the product must have qualities or characteristics which are determined by the region of production. It must also be produced, processed AND prepared exclusively in that region.

Protected Geographical Indication (PGI): PGI foods are made with traditional production methods in their historic places of origin. While raw ingredients can be sourced outside the production area but within the EU, all ingredients are scrupulously monitored for quality. All producers follow the same rigorous production standards



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