Time to feast!

It’s Sunday morning and you just woke up in your comfy bed. You feel like you could stay there forever and enjoy a quiet day doing absolutely nothing. It would be a perfect plan, if it wasn’t for that sudden craving you have for fluffy pancakes and refreshing mimosas. Once you had your mind set on going out for food, you know even the comfiest bed couldn’t make you forget about it. Quick, you get ready and leave your house with one and only mission: finding the best place to brunch in town.

Luckily for you, your friend told you about this restaurant where you can sip creative cocktails while looking at their extensive menu of sweet and savory dishes. As soon as you arrive at Les Enfants Terribles, you (and your stomach) know you made the right decision. After ordering a Spritz (Contratto, Prosecco Bisol and orange), you try to make a decision about what to order between the Decadent Toast (Foie Gras cretons, duck confit, Gré des champs cheese, leaf lettuce and roasted potatoes), Breakfast Poutine (poached eggs, roasted potatoes, pork shoulder, cheese bacon, onions and Foyot sauce) or crossing on the sweet side with their Blueberry Donuts (flavored with ginger, blueberry sauce, vanilla ice cream, Chantilly and mint). Oh, what the hell! You order one of each, while making sure to get the Grilled Half Avocado (poached egg, smoked salmon, dill cream cheese, onions, capers and lemon) for your friend who is all about that healthy lifestyle.

Once you get your order, you try to pace yourself, but everything tastes so good that all the plates are soon almost empty. You and your friends agree that you all have to come back to try the Chackchouka (peppers tomatoes, lamb merguez, 1 fried egg, coriander and grilled garlic bread) or even the Banana Chocolate Pancakes (bananas flambé, brown sugar, lemon zest, Ferrero Rocher). For now, you leave the restaurant knowing that you have found your go-to place for the tastiest brunch in town.




Les Enfants Terribles

  • Outremont: 1257 Bernard Ave
  • Ile-des-Soeurs: 209 de la Rotonde
  • Laval: 209 Promenade du Centropolis
  • Place Ville Marie: 1 Place Ville Marie

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