A breathtaking exhibition is happening in Florence, commemorating the work of the man known for having brought comfort and irrevocable style to the woman’s foot.

This year marks the Centro di Firenze per la Moda’s 60th anniversary. To celebrate, from June 19th 2014 to April 12th 2015, an exhibition is held to honour the work of Italian designer Salvatore Ferragamo, portraying his eternal seek of the perfect balance. The exhibition is titled Equilibrium, where the main themes consist of walking, balance and shoes.

The event was launched at the Museo Salvatore Ferragamo in the Palazoo Spini Feroni, Florence. Stefania Ricci, Sergio Risalitti and Emanuele Enria all took part in the three year process of realizing this multimedia show.

Amongst many famous paintings and art pieces, the exhibition shows different early Roman and Greek statues and artifacts, depicting the first steps of mankind.

“This is really the foundation of my husband’s work”, said Ferragamo’s wife Wanda Ferragamo. Women all around the world still thank the designer for showing so much affection towards the female foot and praising its comfort.