Get ready to expand your palate!


La Grande Dégustation de Montréal, which takes place Nov. 2 and 3 at Place Bonaventure and is the largest consumer wine and alcohol tasting of the year and last year’s edition drew more than 13,000 people. There are thousands of wines and spirits to taste, over 200 producers from 20 countries on site and, along with the chance to take part to tastings and seminars. Even if you are not a wine connoisseur, this is a great opportunity to taste wines you might not normally try and expand your taste. 

Every edition, they pick a specific wine and spirit to put the focus on, with this year being pinot gris and gin. For those being unfamiliar with this type of wine, it is a mutation of Pinot Noir, famous for its refreshing citrus flavor and zesty acidity. As for gin, there is way more to learn about it then which one you should put in your G&T. Made from the combination of alcohol typically distilled from fermented grain and a specific set of flavorings known as botanicals, it is a beautiful and versatile spirit that can present itself with bold and intriguing flavors.


As a part of La Grande Dégustation, you can also attend conferences and animations, along with speed tastings organized several times during the event. They highlight 6 star producers, who each have 6 minutes to make you taste their product in small groups of 6 people. It is a chance to have a privileged encounter with the producers to learn more about their products and their vineyards.

Before attending, make sure to download their app for IOS and Android, giving your information on every producer and conference.