Let’s be honest, rosé is no longer  just a drink, it’s a lifestyle.  The soft hued wine is linked to neon quotes posted on Instagram and cheeky captions about girls nights out.  Drinking rosé has become such a subculture over the last years, that we often forget about various wines and spirts that can equally if not, more enjoyable!

To help you expand your horizons,  here are a few suggestions of drinks and spirits that guarantee a new and exciting experience.




Glenmorangie Allta

I enjoy telling  people that Glenmorangie is responsible for my intense love story with scotch. Over the years, I obviously fell in love with other brands, while keeping a special place in my heart – and my home bar – for Glenmorangie. Following their path to excellence, the brand releases year after year a new experimental scotch as a part of their Private Edition series. To mark the tenth anniversary of the series, they’ve created the first Glenmorangie whisky (available in June) made from the yeast which grows wild on their own Cadboll barley.

This special edition tastes like citrus shortbread cookies with a hint of toasted barley. It’s a bold choice, especially for someone not used to drink scotch, but it has enough character to at least captivate your interest.

Bacardi Rum Reserva Ocho 8

I like to think everyone should own at least one bottle of Bacardi rum, especially because it is so versatile! For someone like me who likes cocktails but is terrible at making them, rum based drinks are super easy to mix;  a Dark and Stormy made with Bacardi Reserva Ocho 8, for example.  All you have to do is follow the ingredients and pour the right amount in your glass.


2 ounces dark rum

3 ounces ginger beer

½ ounce freshly squeezed lime juice


Lime wheel or wedge, for garnish


In a tall glass filled with ice, add the dark rum, ginger beer and the lime juice and stir to combine. Add a lime wheel or wedge and serve.

Hendricks Orbium Gin

That infamous bottle that always catches the attention of my friends when exploring my home bar!. Orbium, the first new expression of Hendrick’s Gin, is made in very small batches and will be available for a limited time only. Distilled with additional extracts of quinine, wormwood and blue lotus blossom and created by the legendary master distiller Lesley Gracie, Orbium contains the same base distillates as Hendrick’s.

Before pouring into your glass, or starting dappling in your version of G&T, make sure to try it on its own to fully appreciate its fruity and floral notes supported by hints of rose that are accentuated by the blue lotus blossom.