I arrived in Toronto Monday morning, and in less than 24 hours I received the ultimate wake up call by being dunked  in the waters of Woodbine beach while fly-boarding. This was our plan C, as our previous plans failed since the ferry authorities would not allow us take the truck with a jet ski attached onto the Toronto Islands from Hanlan’s Point. However, this experience was the only thing I remember clearly. My company for the day consisted of Karine Delage of Karyzma Agency, Devante Burey, Peter Ramundo of Best Fan, Mart More and Naïda Sylvester of Flyboard Xtreme, and Canadian musician Karl Wolf.





Mart and Naïda’s entrance was possibly the highlight show for beach goers that day. The Flyboard Xtreme owner had everyone’s eyes on him as he flew in iron-man style while dolphin diving from the horizon with his partner assisting behind on jet ski.





Before I continue any further, let’s get into the basis of the sport of fly boarding. Between wakeboarding and kiteboarding, this unique extreme sport puts you above the water to create the most outrageous acrobatics, it’s like defying the laws of gravity. How does it work exactly?Picture  a wakeboard with two nozzles connected to the turbine of a personal watercraft through a pipe 60 feet long, which redirects the water pressure to the board. Heights of up to 45 feet can be reached for experienced fly-boarders.





I would say we all did pretty well considering it was our first time trying the sport. Many of us rose up in the air, in between bouts of falls, which was due to us not locking our knees and keeping our legs straight. The worst thing that could have happened was drinking some salty sea water. Flyboard Xtreme also offers hover-board and kite experiences in addition to their fly board lessons. For more information on prices and services, please check out their site here. I encourage you all to try out this sport. Who knows? You might just fall in love with it this summer.


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