“Your eyes are soft with sorrow. Hey, that’s no way to say goodbye.”

There is nothing that I hate more than saying goodbye to someone, which might explain why I have an obsession with doing it as perfectly as I can. I once sent a record of his favorite artist to an ex on his birthday, just to make sure I had the last grand gesture on my side. I feel like goodbyes are just a way of giving up on something, an easy way out for people who don’t want to make any effort anymore. You can tell so much about a person by the way they leave you.

But then there are the ones that you simply cannot fight, like when you learn that your favorite poet and singer has passed away. When I heard the news that Leonard Cohen was no longer around, I felt like my close confidant had died and left the world behind him a little bit darker. He was the one who had always been there for me with the perfect words, when dark thoughts were getting bigger and stronger inside my mind. His music was more effective than any pill; the perfect self-medication that would never disappoint. I simply had to give myself a little shot of Suzanne or Famous Blue Raincoat, and suddenly the world was a bearable place again.

He was also there for me during brighter days, when I found myself madly in love to the point of losing my appetite, sleep, and any notion of time. You know, that kind of over-the-top excitement you feel when you don’t really know yet how to separate love from lust. During that time, I was all about listening to I’m Your Man on repeat, wishing that the poor idiot I was dreaming about would lay down in the grass with me to appreciate every word of the song (while most of the guys were all about Sean Paul and Usher). Leonard Cohen’s music was also playing in the background of every perfect Sunday morning (So Long Marianne) or in the car during a spontaneous road trip (Bird On A Wire).

He was, to sum it up, the one behind the soundtrack of my life. And since he is gone, I keep playing his music as loud as I can to make sure any scene of it is not just a long succession of silent plans.


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Marie-Ève Venne
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