Please, don’t be that person.

I am guilty of having worn many questionable outfits throughout the years while attending music festivals. Plastic flowers crown? Check. Trying to challenge Gwen Stefani with a bindi glued on my forehead? Check. A dress way to short that it kept going up every time I danced? Yep, also check. Of course, there are way bigger deals than a questionable outfit, but it might be time to stop the plague of bad fashion decisions regarding summer festivals.



With Osheaga happening in less than two weeks, we want to help you in your journey of being perfectly styled. In that spirit, I laid down a list of do’s and don’ts that you might wan to follow!


Don’t: wearing a romper/jumpsuit


Yes, it is super cute. Until you need to take a quick break at the public restrooms and realise you have to drop your clothes on the disgusting floor or hold your outfit in an awkard position to save it from getting dirty. Good luck.


Dont’t: the denim diaper


Every pair of denim shorts that allows us to see too much of your anatomy deserves to be called a diaper. To be honest, I don’t think you will have a better musical experience by wearing a tiny piece of fabric as shorts.


Do: go for a little backpack


You want to be able to carry your sunnies and enough cash to enjoy the food trucks without having to feel blocked by your handbag. A backpack is the perfect solution to free your hands to grab a drink and hold hands with that handsome stranger you just met near the center stage.


Do: comfy boots

Women's Original Chelsea Boots_Purple Urchin_145


Since Osheaga is a city festival taking place in a park oppose to a desert like Coachella, you have all the reasons to challenge your inner Kate Moss with these Hunter boots that are a real music festival staple.


Do and don’t: go crazy with the glitters


Even if that type makeup might appear a little bit over the top for some, festivals are the perfect occasion to look like a “unicorn that just had a baby with a very stylish fairy”.





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