Once in a while, there is a new face that emerges from the crowd, taking the fashion world by storm. More than just a pretty face, she is the perfect mix of charisma and edginess.





Women Management – Chantale Nadeau

Her background story itself would make an incredible movie. At only 16 years old, she is one of the most succesful model of the hour, who just made her Paris Fashion Week debut. But six months ago, she undertook a long and painful process to get rid of her scoliosis which is a sideways curvature of the spine. After the friend of her mother sent a picture to Chantale Nadeau – who owns a model placement agency – she got signed right away. Ironically, it is her perfect posture -and beautiful features- that made her stand out.




IMG – Dulcedo

More than just a cool girl and an edgy haircut, Nova has a particular look that makes her stand out from all the new faces you see every season during fashion week. Think Yolandie Visser (Die Antwoord) meeting Anais Pouliot at her begining, with a touch of of Agyness Deyn and you will get an idea of her general vibe. We already fell under her charm at Dress To Kill and so has the whole fashion world, since Vogue US named her one the model to watch.




Folio Montreal

Her whole look screams bombshell with a heart of gold and you can’t help but to find yourself staring at every picture she is on. Her beautiful features is what makes her travel the world and we have no doubt she will find a way to leave her mark everywhere she goes.



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