It’s ok to have a voice!

I remember the night Trump got elected. I went to bed with the worst stomach pain ever, feeling like the world had gone mad. How could a mysoginist and racist reality TV star get elected to be the president of one of the most powerful nations? As a woman who had to go through the year being the witness of so many shits like Brock Turner and Dr Luke found not guilty of their crimes, I was angry. And I wasn’t alone.

Following the elections, many women have decided to use their voice, ideas and talent to put together projects, allowing us to feel heard, powerful and protected. Here are the ones from Montreal that definitely deserve your attention.


Our words as weapons


Iniated by Elisabeth Massicoli – fabulous writer and badass feminist- this bilingual book of poetry is the collective work of strong women who couldn’t keep silent any longer. Described by Massicoli as “a way to put a plaster on my feeling of being limited”, it goes deep into sensitive subjects such as destructive relationships, racism, politics and identity crisis. After reading it -many many times- you might feel less alone in this strange world. I strongly suggest you purchase a copy for yourself as the best damn self therapy, along with buying one for a woman that is important in your life.


Espace L

Dreaming of a safe space for women where they could come to work and exchange all together, Eliane and Yara have decided to create the perfect coworking club in the Mile End named Espace L. Basically, this is the place where you will go to exchange with other wonderful women about your latest projects, helping each other in the process of turning your ideas and dreams into reality. You can familiarize yourself with all their different forfaits here, along with helping them raising the last funds for their project. You can also purchase your ticket for their first serie of conferences here.


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