The hottest restaurants in Montreal



Les 400 Coups


Les 400 Coups is that kind of gastronomic restaurant where every foodie in your entourage has been at least once and keep talking about. I am more than happy to declare that is was finally my turn to try the place, at the occasion of the launch of their new degustation menu. Now offered from Tuesday to Saturday, this option –available for 85$- features many tasty bites such as blue potato with smoked tomatoes, tarragon and sea urchin, along with a raviolo in wild mushrooms.

We will go back for: That delicious blue potato bite and more dessert.




Described as a gourmet bar, Kemestre whole concept evolves around the connection that exists between people,food and pleasure and more specifically their chemical complexification. You can feel the theme in the decor and more exactly in their cocktail menu, where they feature the molecular complexion of their drink specialty.In the kitchen, you can find the renown chef Joe Mercuri (Mercuri, Rosalie, Houston), cooking what are about to become your favourite late night snacks.

We will go back for: Many Sa14 , also known in the regular world as Sazerac.




This newcomer in Outremont is the project of Caroline Dumas, the one that made SoupSoup so popular thanks to its healthy and satisfying recipes. Focusing on simple and comfy dishes like an adobo chicken and soccas (chickpea flour pancakes) that you can also take to go, Bloomfield is the elevated version of your neighbourhood diner.

We will go back for: The grilled octopus. When it’s done right, it’s always delicious.