Playing with cuts and splits, the new advertising campaign plays with the signature looks of the FENDI Men’s F/W 2019-2020 collection. Shot in Rome by Nico Vascellari, this particular collection was an exclusive collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld as a guest artist selected by Silivia Ventiruini Fendi, which honoured and celebrated their long withstanding creative connection.

Focusing on dualism, a strand of the brand DNA, the element is highlighted throughout the collection and campaign imagery. Everything is dual: futurism and classicism that intertwine in a somber colour palette that is contrasted by highlights of red and electric blue. The collection goes from transparency and lightness to diversified volumes and materials, including the futuristic Karligraphy FF logo.


Emphasizing the functional traveller spirit of the FENDI man, essential accessories like studded cases were prominent and the legendary Baguette made its male debut from mini to maxi as well as the Karl Collage print from the FENDI and Porter collab which also pervades the iconic Peekaboo bag.

The FENDI Men’s F/W 2019-2020 campaign features five single and double page visuals, which also include specific images for the new Futuristic FENDI Eyewear Collection.




Creative Director: Silvia Venturini Fendi

Art Director: Nico Vascellari

M’S Model: Aramish Mang

M’S Model: Malick Bodian

W’S Model: Marian Jonkman

Stylist: Julian Ganio

Still Photography: Mattia Zoppellaro

Video Photography: Giulio Tami

Location: Rome