A true fashionable window for Canadian designers!


Once you step inside Général 54 located in Montreal’s Mile End district, you automatically feel like you just entered into one of those trendy boutiques in Brooklyn.  But don’t be fooled! The up and coming brands they carry are edgy as hell and they are almost all Canadian. The owner  Jennifer Glasgow – who is also the designer for the brand of the same name- made it her mission to create a place to showcase the immense talent we have in the country.



While shopping at Général 54, you can’t help but fall in love with this beautiful dress, this truly unique piece of jewelry and the captivating scent of this fragrance. What makes it even more exciting is the idea of buying something of quality created with love and patience… And nothing that you can buy at a fast fashion store can beat that feeling!


Location:  5145 Saint Laurent Boulevard, Montreal