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If your brows are over-plucked, or you want to reinvent the shape of your arches, and you don’t know where to turn for help, rest assured, we have a few pros you can trust. But before you put your brows into the hands of a brow technician, here are some words of advice.

About Threading
There is a reason why it originated in the Middle-East. Indian, Middle-Eastern and Mediterranean women have bushier and bigger brows and they can afford to lose more hairs to shape those trademark, seductive arches. On the other hand, most Caucasians, Asians, and even African-Americans have brows that are sparser and grow back much slower—so if you don’t have a lot to start with—don’t thread or wax them. Please.

Fill’em Up
If you have sparse, thin or light brows, achieving the perfect shape will have more to do with filling them in expertly and some trimming instead of plucking. If your technician wants to pluck them, make sure it’s the strict minimum. Remember: it only takes a second to pluck, it might take months to grow them back! If you’re not sure, then ask them to trim with a razor the ones they would like to pull out and you can have them plucked-out on your next visit.

Manicured or natural?
You should ask yourself this question before you go for a brow shaping. Some brow techs tend to create very defined brows that will look “manicured”. Of course, it’s always a matter of taste, but as a general guideline: if you wear a lot of makeup or strong lips, then a sharper brow works better. If you don’t wear a lot of makeup, then you should go for a softer brow with a few well placed strays here and there. Again, if you have sparse brows avoid plucking them and have them cut instead, and you can always define them, when needed, with some brow powder.

Growing Pains
If they are over-plucked or if you need some help to grow them out (some techs might ask you take a break for a month or two to get back your natural shape before they start doing their magic)  try Talika’s Eyebrow Lipocils $50 (available in drugstores) or Prevage’s Clinical Lash + Brow Enhancing Serum $115. —Eva Bilinska

Expert Brow Techs


Lisa Sim
Located between Downtown and Westmount, Lisa Sim is a makeup artist that has been doing brows for many years. From natural to Va-va-voom, from Middle-Eastern to Russian and from high-powered business women to moms, she has done it all.”If the eyes are the window to the soul, then the eyebrows are definitely the window dressings!”, says the upbeat brow pro. Lisa uses pressed powders from her own line of natural mineral makeup (don’t be shy to ask about it) to fill brows and will find the right color as well as take the time to teach you how to enhance them.  514 998-5540.—E B

Pascale Grenier
Quebec City native Pascale Grenier left the capital to immerse herself in the Montreal scene and to study makeup. Now armed with close to 15 years of experience, she is known for her meticulous approach. “I love color, rich textures and strategic applications,” she says, “but what matters above all is to work in harmony with a client’s facial structure. That is why I place so much emphasis on the eyebrow shape, which I believe to be the true way to achieve a custom, even signature  look.” Photo: Magenta. Local b 1221 av. Bernard, 514-844-9515 -E B.

Divine et Sybèle
This duo used to work full time on sets, creating flawless custom-tailored makeup looks for movie and TV actresses. Tired of working long hours, they decided to open a relatively new concept: a beauty salon. Kind of like a hair salon, but where you can get your makeup done. Their cozy salon-slash-boutique, located in Old-Montreal, is a sales-pitch-pressure free zone. Carrying the famed Japonesque brushes,  makeup, skincare, and (of course) brow shaping tools. You can also go for their custom services: you can’t find the perfect shade of foundation or concealer? They can create it for you! Or maybe you need some personalized classes on how to achieve the makeup look you’ve been dreaming of? By appointment only, 407 McGill, suite 115, 514-842-2555 -EB



Gina Schonberger
Her European aesthetic education and 25 years of experience make her a force to be reckoned with. Her brow shaping technique is legendary–she manages to hit the right combination of reshaping and cleaning, leaving you with new brows that look as though you were born with them. Her attention to detail is evident in her extractions; she’s extremely thorough and gentle. Only the most exclusive salon brands grace her shelves–she refuses to use anything she hasn’t researched thoroughly and tested extensively, a testament to her attention to detail. Brands include prestige salon names like Remy Laure, Repêchag and Anna Lotan’s Pure Essence, and Gina is one of the few retailers in Ontario who carries them. Schonberger is also a huge fan of DIY beauty and shares several home recipes to keep you glowing between 2033 Yonge St., 416 873 8177 -Jennifer Ng

The Brow House
A makeup artist for twenty-five years, Kira Thompson started The Brow House 7 years ago because she saw a need for expert eyebrow shaping in Toronto. “While other salons and spas may have brow shaping services, they are not the focus,” she says. The Brow House stands out with a good longevity in such a niche market because they have developed their own exclusive technique called ‘The Brow House Theory’ which moves away from old myths and misconceptions. “Trends come and go,” Kira emphasizes. “The one thing that stays the same is our natural eyebrow shape. We never veer off someone’s natural brow line. As long as you stay true to the shape, we are able to go with a heavier or a leaner look depending on the trend.” “If you need to grow back hair in sparse areas, remember to shape as you grow,” says Kira. Also ask to try the’Brow Fix’ which naturally enhances and emphasizes your brow shape, and celebrates your most beautiful feature: your eyes. 1256 Queen Street East, 416-804-9716 Kaur