In the world of cinema, female lead roles expire as quickly as bad milk. As soon as the hint of a wrinkle inches across your face, you can say hello to mom roles and if you’re lucky, you get to be the cool mom who gets her own love story. With a new generation of celebrities opting out of surgery, but still craving that youthful glow, Esthederm is like a night cream in shining armour, helping you get camera-ready in 7 easy steps.


Back in 2012, Emma Thompson, Rachel Weisz and Kate Winslet pledged to take the road less travelled, the one without surgical enhancement. With the appeal of plastic surgery dangling on a string like a shirtless Zac Efron, it’s hard to resist the allure of a little plump here and a little filler there, especially for a celebrity in the public eye. But what if an alternate path was paved with innovative skincare products that allowed your inner youth to shine through? If those words leave you feeling skeptical, your faith is about to be restored, along with your complexion. Enter Esthederm’s Esthe-White System, a 7-step treatment that promises to rebalance your pigmentation and enhance your skin’s translucency. With hypopigmentaline technology, also known as “the dark spot corrector” to the scientifically disinclined, and marine exopolysaccharide (EPS), which optimizes the skin’s renewal, this new line may just be the answer to your prayers.


Here is your step-by-step guide to that youthful movie star glow:

Before you begin, hydrate your skin with Esthederm’s Cellular Water Spray. What makes it special? While most cosmetic waters are demineralized, this one, created by Esthederm in 1999, replicates the water found naturally in your skin. The promise? To regenerate your cells, giving them longer and better lives.

Give Your Skin A Boost with Esthederm’s Brightening Youth Cleansing Foam, the antidote to irritating makeup removers. Its fresh and creamy texture is like a warm blanket’s caress against your sensitive skin on a chilly fall night.

Treat Yourself with Esthederm’s Brightening Milky Lotion, an alcohol-free formula to be used as a treatment base. This cleanser will restore your skin’s youthful radiance, while leaving it baby smooth.

Reactivate Your Complexion’s Transparency with Esthederm’s Brightening Youth Serum, your anti-dark spot weapon. A key component of this formula? Carnosine, which has anti-glycation properties that eliminate the unwanted effects of sugar, reduce oxidative damage, and prevent your skin from yellowing.

Moisturize Your Skin with Esthederm’s Brightening Youth Moisturizing Day Care. With Global Cellular Protection, an antioxidant that prevents photo-aging, dark spots, and the appearance of wrinkles, while also protecting and improving your skin’s resistance to UV rays and environmental aggressors, this is your answer to that healthy glow you’ve always dreamed about.

Plump It Up with Esthederm’s Brightening Repulping Night Care. Its power? Intensely hydrating your skin and reducing the effect of pigmentation spots, leaving it feeling illuminated, evened out, and rejuvenated.

Eliminate Your Dark Spots with Esthederm’s Targeted Dark Spots Serum, a formula that reduces the size and intensity of localized dark spots. The secret ingredient is a citric acid that accelerates your cells’ renewal and removes surface pigments.

Rejuvenate Your Eyes with Esthederm’s Brightening Youth Eye Contour Care. With a repair patent that restores transparency, caffeine to reduce puffiness, and escin, which fades out dark circles, your eyes will immediately open up and your sleepless nights will no longer be a public affair.


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