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I am kind of picky on the cocktails’ department and I don’t bother going somewhere where they don’t know how to make them properly.  I am also a girl who likes her whisky with all her heart. There is something about it that tastes sexy to me and makes me think of speakeasy bars with velvet drapes hanging in the windows and the smell of cigar smoke in the air. Most of the time, it ends up being a real challenge to find bars that deliver on both categories. It was until I discover these hidden gems.



Pub Burgundy Lion

I fell madly in love with that pub after one look at their extensive selection of whisky, which is apparently the largest one in Canada. I knew I ended up at the right place after reading beautiful words such as “Glenmorangie Lasanta” and “Highland Park 18yr”on their list. To add more to the experience, they just opened a scoth room, a 25-seat Victorian-style space, allowing for private tastings of the pub’s very large whisky collection. Whisky is not your thing? -it’s ok, we still can be friends- and you feel more comfortable drinking beer? Well no worries, Burgundy Lion got you covered too!


Bar George

Let’s be real, hotel bars are usually the last place you want to go to enjoy cocktails on a night out in the city. Thankfully, Bar George is the total opposite of these gloomy joints serving sad drinks.  Located inside a historic building attached to the hotel Le Mount Stephen, the place has the charm of an old European pub with a round marble bar, stunning high ceilings and old paintings on the wall. The charming decor aside, the main reason why you need to pay a visit to Bar George is to try its killer signature cocktails and take a glimpse at their impressive spirits selection.



Inspired by the decadence surrounding the twenties, Bord’Elle is a bar and eatery that channels all the glam of that effervescent era. You go there to feast on their Asian and French fusion cuisine, before slipping into a more festive vibe as the night comes in. This is when the real party starts and Bord’Elle turns into a bar and lounge, with also a Whiskey Parlour and Champagne Room. I have to admit that my heart almost missed a beat when I had the chance to visit the Whiskey Parlour. With a large selection -including some of my favorite brands such as Ardbeg, Glenmorangie, Highland Park and Hibiki- this is an absolute most stop for every whisky lover.





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