You’re one step closer to getting Lady Gaga’s look in American Horror Story: Hotel.

As Countess Elizabeth, Lady Gaga’s character puts the horror in American Horror Story. She’s a beautiful femme fatale with a sophisticated sense of style, and she loves her couture gowns. The queen of the Hotel Cortez is a glamorous socialite who attends grand parties, luxurious  fashion shows, and drinks a lot of blood. You know, the usual.

To give her character in the series a timeless and sexy look, the show’s costume designer studied the archives of well known couture houses, such as Thierry Mugle and Saint Laurent, and added a variety of vintage gowns to the mix. The pop singer even brought some of her own clothes to complete her sultry character’s wardrobe.

 The Countess Elizabeth

Untitled #62


205 CAD –

Bijules midi ring
100 CAD –

AGNELLE black glove
105 CAD –

Nars cosmetic
39 CAD –

Le bas de maintien diaphane
13 CAD –

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