Emily Weiss (a.k.a. “super intern” to former Hills addicts) is one of those people who just get it.

Five years ago, while Emily was working as a full-time fashion assistant at Vogue, she would wake up at 4 a.m. to work on—what was then a passion project—her blog, Into The Gloss. The blog gained a lot of traction because it created a space for women to have an open conversation about beauty. Emily entered the homes of the women she admired—actresses, editors, and models—and explored their makeup and skincare collections. At this point, personal beauty quirks, tips, and routines weren’t as venerated as they are today.


This quickly turned into a full-time job, and Emily’s blog became a lucrative business. Today, Emily leads a crew of over 35 people and has her own skincare line, Glossier. After spending years immersing herself into the beauty industry and testing out thousands of products, Emily still felt like there was something missing in the market. Out of all the brands and products she adored, she felt like there wasn’t anything being created for the modern woman. Cue the Glossier Girl.

What differentiates Glossier is that it’s one of the first brands to not just make something and hope that you might need it. Emily and co. use their Into The Gloss platform to ask readers what they want from their makeup and skincare products. They create an open thread and engage customers with inquiries into ingredients, textures, and packaging. “How should it make your skin feel? What’s the best song reference?” are examples of questions that probe lengthy and detailed responses from readers. It actually feels like you are sitting across from Emily in a hyper cool boardroom and chiming in on a product production meeting. As a result, hundreds of comments are collected and analyzed. This knowledge is then codified into the latest Glossier product. It’s kind of like a cool girls club that accepts everyone—“you can sit with us,” but we wear “Glossier Pink.” It’s what we like to think of as the ultimate beauty democracy. And, seriously, who can ever forget chinoiserie?


Banner photo: Warby Parker.


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