Glenfiddich has been trying over the past two years to ‘push the boundaries of Scotch whisky’ by releasing a series of innovative whiskies as part of its Experimental Series.


Glenfiddich released in 2016 their first one of a kind expression: The India Pale Ale Experiment. In collaboration with India Pale Ale craft beer expert, Seb Jones, they went on to create a new craft ale to finish their single malt. A first in the whisky industry. To clarify, this is not beer-flavored Scotch. This is Scotch that has been aged for a few extra months in barrels that once held a craft IPA.

Their second project was even more ambitious: Project XX (pronounced ‘twenty’). This remarkable single malt combines the top picks of their warehouse carefully picked by 20 industry experts and Casks of Port pipes, Sherry butts, and first-fill bourbon were utilized in the maturation process.

For third expression in the series, they went full on Canadian mode with a 21 years old finished in ice wine casks, bringing together the complexity of their classic aged single malt with the unusually intense sweetness of Icewine. This third experiment was born when the distillery’s Malt Master, Brian Kinsman, became fascinated by the interplay between sugar and acidity in sweet wines

Last week, as a part of their Experimental Series celebrations, Glenfiddich hosted in Montreal an event dedicated to the discovery and exploration of their experiments. Organized by Bar Chef Events, a catering company from the same family as the uber popular Bar Chef, the night was a unique occasion to fully experience the versatility of the brand unusual whiskies through a series of molecular cocktails. It was also the occasion for the guest to meet Beth Havers, Glenfiddich’s Canadian brand ambassador.

The event was a part of diverse happenings launched last August, to celebrate the release of their latest expression: Fire & Cane. The fourth expression to join the range and is a peated malt whisky that was first matured in Bourbon casks and then finished in Latin rum casks to add “caramel toffee sweetness” to the spirit.

In an industry renowned for its appreciation of traditions, it is refreshing to witness a brand challenging itself and bringing to the mix something new and exciting. Even if you don’t like all their expressions, you have to salute Glenfiddich for its boldness.