29 year-old beauty expert Emily Weiss launches make-up line Glossier.

‘’Skincare as make-up’’ was the underlying philosophy for Glossier’s debut (pronounced as rhyming with ‘dossier’). Four years after starting Into The Gloss, brought to notoriety by digging the beauty secrets of the models, make-up artists and inspiring women, beauty insider Emily Weiss decided to team-up with a chemist to build a line from scratch within 9 months rather than collaborating with an existing brand. Is the buzz justified? After trying it out, I must say, Glossier earns a thumbs up.

The Glossier Phase 1 set contains Soothing Face Mist, Priming Moisturizer, Perfecting Skin Tint and Balm Dotcom, which are all designed to be layered on the skin and to enhance your complexion. The mist is addictive because of its delicate rose scent (the rest of the line is fragrance-free), which works to freshen up your complexion.

The rich and thick priming moisturizer is quickly absorbed by the skin and leaves a dewy, oxygenating feel. It works as a fantastic make-up base. The tint, a liquid formula that’s not a BB cream or a foundation, gives you a glow and makes you look like you actually got a good night’s sleep.

Finally, a multi-purpose balm provides a hydrating barrier for sensitive skin. Eva Chen and Mary-Kate are already die-hard fans.

Glossier is set to release a limited-edition product for holiday this month plus another new addition in January. In the meantime, let’s keep our finger crossed for international shipping to be available soon – tweet at @glossier to indicate your location and share your enthusiasm.