You have to picture it. An island somewhere between Manhattan and Queens, packed with crazy festival goers ready to dance their life away watching their favourite artists perform. That was the case last week at The Governor’s Ball, hosted on Randal’s Island in New-York.

Over 55 000 people attended this years festival, and yours truly was one of them! If I wasn’t able to make it for all three days, I was there on Saturday ready to enjoy myself. The line up was absolutely insane, from Bjork to Deadmau5, and ending with Marina and the Diamonds and Flume. With two main stages 15 minutes apart, depending on how many drunk teenagers you had to walk through, it was easy and enjoyable to watch every performance.

I arrived in the afternoon to a place already jam-packed with stylish young people. If forty percent of a festival is its crowd, The Governor’s Ball must be an insane party with expensive drinks and the best soundtrack ever! I grabbed my first $10 can of beer, bigger than my face, and walked directly to the stage where Sharon Van Etten was performing. The New-York born singer was obviously super happy to play that day, thanking the public repeatedly between her songs. She delivered many hits from her previous albums, but also played two new songs, one which was very moving and called “All Over Again”. Her music may have dark themes like depression, but her presence on stage is definitively bright. After her set, I had a brief mental blank and decided to purchase a fake flower crown that rested on my head almost all day.





In front of the stage where Angus and Julia Stone played, there were so many people that I ended up sitting on the grass during the whole act. Let me tell you, there is nothing like listening to one of your favourite bands under the sun with a (warm) drink in your hand.  They did a slower version of their hit “Big Jet Plane that almost had me in tears. They finished with a new single called “Hear Beats Slow” and at that precise moment, you could see everyone in the crowd with a big dumb smile painted on their face.

It was time to grab some food, and that is where things got…muddy. The day before, it rained in New York, and let’s just say that my feet got enough clay on them to stay away from any spa treatment for the rest of the year. But what is a music festival without some dirt right? With the most delicious veggie hot dog I ever tasted thanks to Bark Hot Dogs, I could have done an entire article only about the food on site.

After eating I arrived to the front stage where Bjork was about to perform. It’s a fact that she has a particular artistic universe surrounding her live shows, and people who are not ready for this might be surprised, and even react negatively to it. This was sadly the case for the young girls in front of my friends and I, who were disgusted by a video of bugs laying eggs playing during the start of her set. With her intergalactic insect costume, the Icelandic singer lost some of the public, who were turned down by the somber aspect of her songs. Despite this and minor sound problems, which occurred throughout the festival according to critics on its Facebook page, it was still an amazing show!




The sunset was close when Flume jumped on stage to play the best set of the day, nothing else. The Australian producer and DJ blasted the bass of each speaker around, and the biggest audience of the festival went wild creating their own dance floor in the middle of the mud. He worked his turntables with intensity, going with the rush of the moment. I’m usually not a big fan of DJs, but I joined the wave, especially when I heard his remix of Lorde’s “Tennis Court“.  

It started getting pretty late, so my friends decided to skip Deadmau5 (to my great pleasure) and we headed back home. By that time the sky was dark and you could clearly see all the light installations at the festival’s site. It was almost magical, and the perfect end to a crazy day. See you next year Randal’s Island!








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