Once or twice every summer, I go to a  party where all the guests can only agree on how awesome it is. That is what happened last Wednesday at the Maison Gaspé Beaubien in Montreal, thanks to Grey Goose and their decadent garden party.

I arrived to the party late (let’s say say fashionably late), carrying my laptop and an over packed bag. I wasn’t in the mood to party too hard, and I originally planned on staying only one hour. However, things took an interesting turn thanks to the extraordinary vibe at the event. As soon as I stepped in the backyard, I was greeted with a glass of Grey Goose cocktail, and then I finally saw the venue. The backyard was surrounded by gigantic trees, perfectly set in blue and white hues (the brand’s signature) to host the most sophisticated cocktail party ever, with sofas and tables creating a lounge atmosphere.





It didn’t feel like I was in Montreal anymore. There were waterfalls, a mini put station, and heating lamps, which turned out to be popular as the sun went down. The biggest bit of entertainment however was a beautiful white stallion named Monday, and  synchronized swimmers performing in the waterfalls. There was no way I was leaving before the end of the night!

The crowd was one of the most interesting I’ve ever seen. There were regular socialites draped in dresses and suits, fashion bloggers wearing casual chic outfits perfect for their “outfit of the day” Instagram picture, ridiculously good looking models, and what seemed like a group of PR people, everyone was quite trendy. After looking at all the fancy ladies trying to walk in the muddy grass with their high heels, I mentally high-fived myself for wearing flats.




Waiting in a long line to grab one of the events signature cocktails was already exhausting, but I couldn’t picture doing it while being  perched on stilettos. Speaking of signature cocktails, I must say all the drinks were delicious, from the one made with fresh rosemary to the one with a black cherry infused flavour. They were the invention of Jonathan Homier of Le Saint Edouard, Montreal’s winner of Grey Goose Pour Masters 2015 challenge.


For those who couldn’t make it to the event, here is the recipe for one of my favourite cocktails made that night with Grey Goose Vodka:

Grey Goose Cherry Noir & Soda

1 1⁄2 parts GREY GOOSE® Cherry Noir

3 parts soda

2 lemon wedges

Oregano branch

In a glass with ice, squeeze one lemon wedge and discard it. Add GREY GOOSE® Cherry Noir, top with chilled soda and garnish with lemon and oregano.






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