Gel, cream, milk, butter or lotion… In early 2018, market research studies predicted that “Texture (was) The New Color” … Texture has slowly become the core sector for marketing, which might explain why every bestselling beauty product is now infused with endless sensory benefits. Beauty lovers tend to enjoy pleasant, novel textures and whenever a highly-rated cream lets any of us down, we can’t help but feel disappointed. Whether you’re into sensoriality, looking for an original non-greasy formula or are simply looking to discover fun textures (hello, gel-creams!), we’ve got you covered. Here are our top picks.


By Christine Elizabeth Laprade



Le Lait Fraîcheur d’Eau by Chanel ($53)

Chanel has always aced skin-fusing textures like no other. Designed to be part of your everyday routine – and highly efficient- the French house pays close attention to detail. Part of the Chanel Cleansing Collection, this all skin type, anti-pollution cleansing milk-to-water fluid features blue algae (highly detoxifying) in addition to a fortifying marine extract (Salicornia).  Super fresh and lightweight, smells incredibly divine, on top of turning into a water-like fluid once applied onto the skin. Ophthalmologist tested, Le Lait Fraîcheur d’Eauis ideal to remove waterproof eye makeup and leave us feeling rejuvenated. Available at all CHANEL Beauty Counters,


Moisturizing Fresh Gel Eau Cellulaire by Institut Esthederm ($39)

Di-vi-ne. Cellular Water is a skincare range that was originally launched in 1999 by Recherche Esthederm (its patented composition is nearly identical to that of the human skin!). This fresh moisturizing gelhas a truly unique texture that we simply cannot get enough of. It penetrates deeply, almost instantly. A flawless matte finish, an incredibly delicate aroma, this one is a keeper. How it works: it essentially boots moisture levels by facilitating the transfer and retention of water levels in the epidermis. Girls-and-the-city types, take heed! This is a must.



Cold Cream by Kate Somerville ($62)

Forget everything you know about cold creams, circa the 1980s. This cold creamis unlike anyother. For one, it has a whipped aerial texture (cold creams are usually ridiculously heavy, on top of leaving white residue…ugh!) and usually smell pretty repulsive, to be fully honest. This gem has nothing to do with regular cold creams! Suitable for all skin types, this concoction will bring much needed relief to the driest skin (several online reviewers even claim it improved their eczema dramatically). Skin health Expert-formulatedand anyone’s #1 winter ally. This little wonder also doubles as a moisturizing makeup remover  — including waterproof mascara —  and won’t clog pores. Brilliant.



Hydractiv Coconut Melting Balm by Jouviance ($45)

Anall-in-one nourishing carefrom head to toe, deemed as “the mother of all multitaskers”, as it can evenact as a hair mask! No lie – picture us impressed. Skin sensitive suitable, this do-it-all is free of everything bad you can possibly think of (parabens, mineral oils, colourants, artificial fragrances, animal-cruelty free, etc). That’s not all- it can be used on baby skin, as a belly balm in order to prevent the appearance of stretch marks, as a lip balm, a hair serum (half a di

me can be applied to brittle/split ends) but also as a sleeping mask/night cream! Is there anythingthis lightly scented balm cannot do?



Vinopure Skin Perfecting Serum by Caudalie ($59)

Because often enough, serums fail to really stand out. They all, more or less, share the same translucent colour, texture and are generally odourless. Enter Caudalie’s ultra-concentrated, natural, active ingredient formulated fluid: Vinopure Skin Perfecting Serum. It smells deliciously herbal (the very faint green notes convey freshness and purity) and is suited for acne-prone skin. Mathilde Thomas of powerhouse Caudalie was once quoted as saying that French women never break out. Also newly launched: Caudalie Vinopure Skin Perfecting Mattifying Fluid ($48) and Vinopure Purifying Lotion ($34). With several clinical tests to back up their claims, we can assure you that this serum is legit, thanks to one key ingredient in particular: alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), which speeds up cell turnover while gently exfoliating old skin. A must when it comes to reducing fine lines as well.


Sound Sleep Cocoon by Dermalogica ($108)

We love Dermalogica and it had been a while since the trusted beauty giant had come up with new beauty products.  Dermalogica is in no rush and certainly not trying to compete with anyone else, so when it unveils a new novel product, you know it’s gotta be well-thought-out. So is the genesis of Sound Sleep Cocoon. This transformative night gel-cream comes in a novel twist-to-open jar and aims to optimize night-time skin recovery. The very last step of your evening beauty routine is infused with lavender essential oil, calming sandalwood and include patchouli, in order to appeal to all 5 senses and induce sleep. It smells regal and absolutely sublime, on top of having that signature “all-natural” Dermalogica touch. Key ingredients include vitamin C, Persian Silk Tree (reduces signs of fatigue) and Kakadu Plum extract (brightens skin tone, as it is high in antioxidants).

Aqualia Thermal Rehydrating Cream by Vichy Laboratories ($39.95)

Rich? Light? Water gel? Very dry skin? Normal to combination skin? Those are the important questions one will have to ponder over. So many options here! The only end result: Fresh-feeling, plumped up skin, and a ton of fun to slather on (as is always the case with Vichy). The brand is not only reasonably priced but also uses ingredients that truly work. These sensitive skin suitable creamsare enriched with the eponymous French thermal water, plant mannose (a natural sugar that keeps the water in and thus slightly erases fine lines) but also plastic surgeon’s favourite, hyaluronic acid.


Supra radiance Anti-Ox Renewing Cream-Gel by Lierac ($85)

Because they had us at “cream-gel”. Lierac has always been the queen of sensorial-pleasing textures and aromas but this new addition takes the cake. This cream-gel glides onto the skin effortlessly, smells divine and reactivates radiance while correcting wrinkles and protecting the skin from daily aggressions. If you often skip out on your beauty routine this will convince you to commit to it once and for all! Infused with several anti-ageing, cell-renewing ingredients but also a slew of powerful antioxidants. Lierac is assuredly a trailblazer in cutting-edge medical techniques in the dermocosmetics industry.