Unisex and mysterious, light and luminous, in the bath or while washing your face at night…. From dusk till dawn, here are the newest captivating smells that grabbed our attention, for every step of your day.

By Christine Elizabeth Laprade



Musc Impérial by Atelier Cologne

The dazzling French perfume house is at it again! The unisex fragrance generated a massive buzz amongst men & women and musk aficionados alike (a prime example is that it was just recently out of stock!) Woody, eponymously musky, sophisticated and refined, with its subtle floral notes, the white musk used in this elixir is known for its everlasting power on the skin – and enthralling effect in the sheets. Oh la la!With a smoky accord added to the brightness of bergamot, the sweetness of lavender and fresh fig, this fragrance can only be described as irresistibly carnal. Can be worn alone and as is by men, while some women will wear it alone, others might want to layer it with another cologne, for a unique olfactory signature. Behind the perfumer’s inspiration; “a trip to Barcelona and the euphoria of a party”. Need we say no more? ($190,00/100ml) for the Cologne Absolue medium format). Ateliercologne.com




Bubble Bars by Lush


Lush bath products have taken on a whole new hedonistic meaning with the newly-launched bubble bars! It’s not that bath bombs are passé, but bubble BARS are currently all the rage. Our absolute fave, Brightside, is super “bright” and irresistible with its refreshing and stimulating head notes of zingy tangerine and Sicilian red Mandarin oil. The concept is sensibly the same as the bath bomb, where the indulgent, pleasure-seeking bather playfully crumbles the bar under the tap, as clouds of fizzy, foamy vivid orange hues form and fill the entire tub. Good clean fun and gives a clear conscience, to boot! The banner uses organic, vegetarian, super fresh ingredients, is ethical and doesn’t believe in animal testing. Everything is handmade on top of supporting freedom of movement across the world. No preservatives and no packaging! Worthy and addictive, Lush has our vote.($12,95/200ml) lush.ca/en/bath/bubble-bars/brightside/03846.html


Les Eaux de Chanel

Sumptuosity at its (regal) best! The essence of the divine inspiration takes its roots in Mademoiselle Gabrielle’s three fave holiday getaways. Paris-Deauville, a third of the trifecta, is unfortunately not available in America. This time around the Chanel olfactive journey takes us to a swanky, Basque seaside resort: Paris-Biarritz (the body moisturizing lotion is also available) where Gabrielle first inaugurated her couture house. A fashionable hot spot, Biarritz is a metaphor for ravishing outdoor splendours and scenery, turquoise water, pristine beaches and leisure activities all around the Calanques. Paris-Biarritz is all about sun and water-drenched olfactory extracts: grapefruit, mandarine and aqueous notes for a remarkable, luminous, vivacious composition. Wearing it immediately transports us to our last holiday, while we were tanning on the beach and basking in the spectacular views. Unexpected and exquisite ($149/125ml).

Paris-Venise has a more urban vibe than its sister fragrance. Evoking mademoiselle’s memory of Venezia’s Byzantine architecture, co

veted late-night parties thrown by aristocrats and the friendships she struck up with local Italian artists and Russian ballet dancers, Paris-Venise strikes as a feminine and elegant night fragrance. The structure of the eau de toilette has a powdery drydown, and its citrus notes essentially veer towards neroli. It has a velvety amber and vanilla accord and features geranium from Grasse, cedar, red berries and iris. Principally an oriental cologne with a modest sillage, the fragrance is just like Gabrielle: artistic, passionate and unforgettable ($149/125ml).

Both unisex eau de toilette are pure marvels and decidedly mark a new chapter in the history of the French house. Eaux Fraîches and shower gels are newly available at Chanel beauty counters throughout Canada. Chanel.ca



Gentle Rose Petal Scrub & Soothing Rose Petal Gel Toner by Lise Watier

Because we are really into tantalizing all our senses, dusk till dawn, from head to toe, Monday to Sunday! And why not, after all? Therefore, the next logical step appears to take place in the midst of our beauty routine with Lise Watier’s newest floral beauty launches. The scrub($26,00)  really stands out not only for its delicate, elegant smell (even non-rose aficionados will dig the scent!) but also for its consistency and texture. Sort of gummy in a good way, its sugar crystals exfoliate gently but oh-so deeply, while leaving the skin ultra hydrated with a  surprisingly, dewy glow. Oof! We have a winner- will do wonders on dry winter skin! But wait- The soothing gel toner ($26,00) has us raving thanks to its novel texture ( a GELtoner?) which totally won us over from the get-go. Golden-hued silky particles remove one’s makeup, shrink pores and leave the skin quenched in a jiffy. In other words,ideal for whenever we feel lazy! Provides an incredible luxurious feel. Posh packaging. Well done! lisewatier.com/ca_en/soothing-rose-petal-gel-toner



Alien Flora Futura Eau de Toilette & Perfuming Pens by Mugler

It’s been a whirlwind of novel launches for Mugler lately! Make no mistake: the cult favourite is a consistent bestselling perfume powerhouse. Armed with a knack for the daring, sultry and addictive, the French house strikes again, this time with Alien Flora Futura. Word on the street is that its clientele described it as “an even better version of Alien” ($94,00/60ml). The pink bottle, reminiscent of the original purple Alien bottle, is see-through and quite sparkly. This new iteration does not disappoint! Powerful for an eau de toilette, long-lasting, just like any Mugler fragrance, citrusy head notes, woody middle notes, has a floral nose and a powdery finish. A little bit softer than Alien, it’s quite lovely during the day and floral-wise, feels more conservative- no sweetness here nor any fruity notes. Available at Sephora, The Bay, Murale, etc.

The perfuming pens aree just as fun and innovative! The pens are even more convenient than rollovers, as these cannot possibly leak in a handbag or carry on ($39). Alien, Angel and Aura Eau de Parfum fragrances can now be applied on a whim on the collarbone and the wrists, the two most important pulse points on the human body. We really dig the clear jumbo jelly perfuming pens and are taken aback by how pure & powerful the scents have remained.



Daisy Love Eau de toilette spray by Marc Jacobs

This eau de toilette spray is our faveMJ scent thus far- mark our words! Irresistible. Feminine. Youthful. Floral. Pleasing. Flirty. THE must-have for fall 2018, partly thanks to its cashmere musk accord… A slightly woody finale with notes of cloudberry, jasmine and daisy tree. Its sillage is moderate and the fragrance is incredibly well-balanced. Excessively “pretty”, warm yet light. Daytime perfume per excellence! We got you covered with this “happy” eau de toilette spray, where daisies and violet abloom in harmony ($96,00/100ml). sephora.com/ca/en/product/daisy-love-P43115




Gucci Bloom Acqua Di Fiori

Deemed as the newest flanker of Gucci Bloom, this green fragrance is all about lushness. Heady as can be, Acqua Di Fiori boasts some serious, long-lasting power in terms of intensity. Within half an hour, as the fragrance dies down on the skin, citrusy notes come forward and hints of creamy musk give the concoction an aura of complexity. Notes such as Chinese honeysuckle, cassis, sandalwood, tuberose and jasmine are meant to “pay homage to the energy of youth”.  Simply put, picture a freshly cut, huge bouquet of flowers in the Spring. Spray it on your scarf for a cloud of va-va-voom that follows you throughout the day. The completely different opening from the original Gucci Bloom fragrance makes for an irresistible surprise. Fresh green notes without being too woodsy ($138/100ml).  sephora.com/ca/en/product/bloom-acqua-di-fiori-eau-de-tolilette-for-her-P430908