Damn right healthy is hot! Inspired by the reinvention of fitness, wellness and health, Chloe Wilde started a movement to motivate women to be their best self. Being a mainstay on Canada’s most-watched entertainment program, Etalk, she knows how hard it can be to balance a hectic schedule and a healthy lifestyle. Get to know the multi-talented woman behind the camera, as she talks on the importance of self-care, balance and fitness.

By Mayillah Ezekiel




Why is it so important to you to live a healthy life? I believe that we are given one beautiful life to live and it is our responsibility to make the most of it, to be the best versions of ourselves and to create positive ripples into the world. We can only achieve that if we are at our optimal place of being, and that starts with health. Living a healthy lifestyle is not easy, but is it ever important. It takes effort, discipline, and humility to realize when you’ve strayed from your goals. The results are unbelievable and affect every aspect of your life if you commit to living a healthy lifestyle; from your mental health, physical health, sleep, moods, energy levels, confidence, you name it and I guarantee you will see a difference if you make the decision to prioritize your health… Make the choice to live a healthy life, make the choice to invest in yourself for now and for the future.


Healthy Is Hot – How did it all start? Healthy Is Hot started as a hashtag four years ago when I left my life as a science student at McGill University and found myself travelling across Canada on a reality show called the “MuchMusic VJ Search” in hopes of winning the top prize and landing a coveted role at MuchMusic in downtown Toronto. Being on the road for a month combined with crazy amounts of stress and concerned that I was going to mess up and be sent home threw me on a downward spiral of not eating well. There was a moment where I realized how bad I was being to my body and decided to take back some control – I went to the gym and used the hashtag #healthyishot for the very first time. Fast forward three years and we are here.

The hashtag has since turned into a digital space online (www.healthyishott.com) and on Instagram (@healthyishott) where we promote body-positivity, self-love, female empowerment and encourage honest discussions on all aspects of health: mental, spiritual, physical, emotional, sexual and everything in between. There is a need for a space like this, with a large majority of women having an “I hate my body” moment every single day, we need a place where we celebrate each other and help each other stay accountable on our journey to health.


As a Reporter for Etalk, you are often in front of a camera. Beyond looking great, how do you manage to be and feel at your best? My best days at Etalk are when I am filled with passion, excitement, confidence and a sense of curiosity. Thanks to my glam squad (Katie Tobin, Nikki Strachan and Voula Zisis), they make sure that I look the part every single day. But how I feel on the inside, that’s up to me. To set myself up for success, I try to incorporate positive and empowering habits on a daily and weekly basis and it all starts off with my morning routine. First things first, I need my coffee in the morning otherwise it is not going to be a good day, trust me you do not want to see me un-caffeinated. So once I get a cup of java in my hand, have a few sips coursing through my veins, it’s time to take on a “power pose”. This has been shown to increase testosterone and reduce cortisol – essentially it makes people feel more confident in just a few minutes! Then I walk to work and take that opportunity to express gratitude. Someone very special to me suggested that I do this every morning on my walk to work, and I am so grateful that he did. It is such a beautiful way to start the day; it reframes your perception of the world through lenses of appreciation. And then throughout the day it’s the simple things that keep me feeling my best, going for walks to stretch my legs and get fresh air, being silly with my co-workers and laughing (a lot), fuelling properly and making sure I get to bed at a good hour!



How do you balance your career, traveling and social life with eating well and staying fit? Balancing everything can be hard sometimes, right? I’m not going to pretend that I am the queen at the art of “balance”, but I try my hardest every single day. What I do want to convey though, is that it is so important to be kind to yourself when you’re trying to do it all. While I understand that sometimes, certain aspects will have to take a backseat while other more pressing matters drive your attention in a certain direction, there is one area that should never take a back seat and that is self-care. You can’t run the world if you aren’t operating optimally. No matter how long that to-do list gets, remember to take moments for yourself. Whether that’s a 10-minute meditation session, a walk outdoors, working out or indulging in your favorites treat – self-care, self-love and self-prioritization will allow you achieve balance.

Lists are the core of how I try to balance it all. Something I have always done for as long as I can remember is make lists… a lot of lists. When there is a ton going on in my professional and personal life I like to make daily schedules. I know we live in 2017 where technology is ERRTHANG, but I am old school and write everything down on paper with a pen in hand (and then transcribe it all on Google calendar, obviously). There is something therapeutic about writing it all down and then prioritizing what needs to be done now, later, tomorrow or maybe next week. As a “yes-person”, I love RSVP’ing to everything. But in the past year or so, I’ve come to realize that it is OK to say no. It is OK to not attend every shindig that’s happening around town. When I make my weekly schedules, I make a conscious effort to look at how many events or social engagements I’ve signed myself up for and really think about if I actually want to go, or if I’m afraid of FOMO. I promise you, FOMO is not a reason to show up somewhere.

One of the many reasons I love my job as an entertainment reporter at Etalk and E! is that every week looks different from the one before. Our days are filled with a variety of shoots and we travel on a regular basis. Personally, I don’t think I’m cut out for a 9-5 job, I love that work is such a big priority in my life right now and I look forward to receiving my schedule to see what adventures I’ll be up to next. But with an ever-changing schedule and regular traveling comes the downside of instability in your personal life and lack of routine in your eating and fitness habits. My advice: GET CREATIVE! When I travel for work I always do a little research before hopping on the plane and finding fun workout opportunities around my hotel and usually it’s the first thing I do once I hop off the plane to get the blood pumping again and to wake me up. On the food front, eating well can be tricky with a demanding job, which is why it is so important to ENJOY COOKING and to PLAY in the kitchen. Thankfully I occasionally get the domestic itch and cook up a storm, fill the freezer with healthy options and then I’m set for lunches during the week and I even bring my own food to the airport with me for long travel days! Essentially, there are no excuses if you plan ahead. Oh, and having a handy dandy protein bar in your bag at all times will keep your friends and colleagues from having to experience your hangry side (mine ain’t cute).



Tell me about your fitness routine. Whether I am at home or on the road for Etalk, the key to my fitness journey is to keep it ever changing with a variety of workouts. Currently I’m obsessing over a mixture of power yoga, running and HIIT. Each provides me with a very different physical & mental challenge. Power yoga helps to drive my stress into mental focus – it reminds me of the importance of being present and celebrating movement in tandem with breath. Plus, who doesn’t love a good shavasana sesh now and then? Running has been a big part of my fitness routine since I was a teenager. There is something liberating about lacing up, throwing on a great playlist and letting yourself go. Plus, running is hella free which means there are no financial excuses holding you back. When I am really looking to push myself, HIIT is my go to! The beauty of HIIT is that you work intensely for short bursts of time. It gets you heart rate going, shocks your body and really helps to tone everything up.


How do you stay motivated? Motivation comes from many facets of my life. My inner motivation comes from wanting to be the best version of myself possible, to contribute to the world in a positive way and to live up to the notion that Healthy Is Hot. The community we are growing online with Healthy Is Hot is a highly engaged and supportive one, they motivate me on a daily basis with their own fitness journeys and positive words of encouragement for the movement. Being the founder of Healthy Is Hot also keeps me accountable. If I am trying to spread the message that healthy is beautiful, than I need to work on my own view of beauty and focus on health & positivity being the most important elements of beauty. Another source of motivation is my family and the group of girls I call my closest friends in Toronto, who are all fitness-lovers as well. We actually got to know each other while training for our first 15km race together – a bond that is made at 6 a.m., multiple mornings a week is an unbreakable bond. That training resulted in friendships I can’t imagine my life without, they are supportive, healthy, fun and our lifestyle goals align which makes it easier to stay on track and to hold each accountable. Don’t get me wrong, I love cocktails and dancing the night away with these girls too, but we balance it out by making most of our hangouts over a workout followed by a healthy treat.

After indulging in a few cocktails, desserts and rich meals while traveling or during events, how do you get back on track with your wellness routine? Choosing to live a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean “all or nothing”; it just means that more often than not, you choose to make a healthy decision for yourself. But enjoying life is an important element of it all too! Which is why on occasion I will indulge in my favourite treats: churros, nachos, wine, popcorn, chips… the list goes on and on. When I indulge though, it’s important to enjoy it, not feel overwhelmed by guilt afterwards and to make the next day a truly healthy day. This might mean sweating it out a little bit more than usual, jazzing up your hydration to increase the amount of water intake, eating clean (lean proteins, low carb and lots of veggies) and avoiding snacks too close to bed time. Sometimes we fall off the fitness train and that is ok, we only live once so it is important to enjoy it along the way, but recognize that you’ll get back on the Healthy Is Hot bandwagon and when you do, you’ll be rested, recharged and ready to put in the work!


A good mindset is very important when living a balanced life. What are some of your principles for radiating positive energy inside and out? A smile goes a LONG way to feeling more positive within yourself and spreading that positivity into the world. Another simple tactic for keeping the good vibes going is spreading compliments to those around you, and also to yourself, but focus the compliment on an inner quality rather than their outer appearance, the effect will be more impactful! Lastly, we are all responsible for the energy we bring into our homes, our workspaces and to social engagements. Check in with yourself throughout the day and ask yourself if the energy you are radiating is a true reflection of the impact you want to have!



You can catch Chloe Wilde on Etalkairing on weeknights at 7 p.m. ET/PT on CTV and CTV GO. For fitness inspiration, check out Healthy Is Hot at www.healthyishott.com and on Instagram @healthyishott.


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