Sand, beer and music!


I’ve been to every edition of Osheaga since I was 18 years old, which means that I’ve only missed the first year it took place (I will let you do the maths). Which sums up to over 1000 shows, 30 days of sand and sweaty crowds and a whole lot of fun, if your are into dancing in the middle of a bunch of strangers while wearing a bikini top (which I was). But all the madness of a music festival aside, Osheaga is still and will always be about the music first.



I mean… if you can’t describe which performance took your breath away to the point of giving you intense chills, I don’t get why you would spend such an important amount of money on a festival pass! You need to find that artist/band that will make you feel emotions that you didn’t remember feeling and that will make it ok for you to cry in front of everybody. Or artists who know how to create sick beats to make you dance all day long like life was the biggest party you had ever attended.

Luckily for you, the organizers of Osheaga bring their a-game every year to offer a programmation that will satisfy every musical needs. This year was no exception, but some performances were more remarquables than others.


Wolf Parade

This years edition of Osheaga was the perfect moment for that local band to set their comeback. The reaction from the crowd was more than enthusiastic, especially when they played their biggest hits like “Modern World” and “What Did My Lover Say?”.



I discovered the singer during her performance at the festival, when the night was falling and the only lights around were the ones coming from the stage. It was the perfect setting to hear her powerful, deep voice singing heartbreaking melodies.



At the end of the first day of the festival, half of the crowd – that wasn’t watching the Red Hot Chili Peppers perform – was having a blast dancing to the sounds of the wildly popular Australian producer. It might have been the mix of not so cheap beer and sick beats, but it felt like the highlight of my day.


Charlotte Cardin

The Montreal based singer found a way of charming the crowd with her beautiful voice and bambi eyes.  She had released the video for her latest single “Like it Doesn’t Hurt” the day before, creating a buzz around her performance.


Ok, I might be biased here since I am a huge fan of the Danish singer, but the performance she delivered at Osheaga was not short of talent and energy. I danced from the first to the last song, before falling totally in love with her authenticity during my interview (featured in our next issue ) with her – hello new girl crush.



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