By Brenna Dixon

Feminine delicateness blended with a masculine framework is what aesthetically defines Judith & Charles, a brand locally renowned for its Canadian manufacturing, contemporary inventiveness, simplistic styling, and not to mention, its sense of community.

After a quick jump on spring, Judith & Charles announced the opening of their new flagship store. Moving from La Maison Ogilvy on 1307 Saint-Catherine West, the new location will be in Montreal’s historic Golden Square Mile Neighbourhood. It will be housed in a structure which will feature architectural components recalling Montreal from the late 19th century of opulence and notoriety. While paying homage to the city’s past, the new flagship location’s essence encompasses not only the Judith & Charles’ woman, but it sets a foundation to build upon the customer experience, future goals, and continuation of impeccable service. The interior of the space will be a harmonious transition from design to décor, following clean lines, neutral materials, and the perfect colour palette as a backdrop for the new collection.

Staying true to the brand fundamentals, Judith & Charles are sure to offer a truly chic and exclusive experience. Mark April 5th (today!) on your calendars to be immersed into an epic space in a historic Canadian location for an epic contemporary brand which continues to make Canadian history.

Visit the new store at 2090 De la Montagne, Montréal, QC.