banner-libertyhmFlowers will be blooming all through the summer and all over our apparel.

The Swedish brand is teaming up with the English brand for a spiffy collection coming this fall. Though designs are intended for the masculine clientele, I have a feeling that fashionistas from all over will pick up a few garments for themselves and style them accordingly.

The well-awaited collection will feature four shirts, three pocket squares, a tie and a bowtie. Every single garment will be covered in the renowned Liberty floral print. “The flower is one of this season’s most important prints. Combining classic pattern from Liberty with current fashion has been a very inspiring collaboration for us,” says Andreas Löwenstam, Head Menswear Designer.

So to all men (and a few audacious women), stock on these statement pieces to spruce up a dull pair of jeans or a plain white shirt. Not comfortable undertaking this imposing print all over your torso? Play it safer with a classy, more subtile option: the pocket square

Last but not least, prices will range between approximately $20,00 and $75,00 and the collection will be sold worldwide in 250 H&M stores. “The flower that smells the sweetest is shy and lowly.” We prefer stylish and affordable.

Here is a preview of the collection: