Because taking care of your social life is always a pleasure!

Dîner en Blanc

This event is basically all your secret society dreams come true for one night. At the Diner en Blanc, guests will receive information regarding a secret location not even one hour before the event, before gathering up in public for the fanciest pop up diner. This year, the Montreal edition is celebrating its 10th anniversary and already promises to be truly one of a kind. There is even an after party taking place at Bord’elle, for those who would love to extend the celebrations in true Gatsby style. As long as you follow the #allwhiteeverything dress code, obviously.

National Rum Day

There is something about rum that puts you automatically in a vacay state of mind. Since we know you’ve been a busy bee all summer, we would hate for you to miss on National Rum Day taking place this August 16. For the occasion, the lovely people at Bacardi have created some tasty cocktails to help you celebrate. Easy-to-make at home, they are practically just an excuse to invite some guests over for a party on a work week night. And we can only approve!


1.5 parts BACARDÍ Cuatro
0.75 parts Martini & Rossi Rosso
0.25 parts Orange Curacao
1 Bar Spoon Grenadine
Stir all ingredients with plenty of rice until very cold, strain into a coupe glass.
Garnish with lemon peel.


The New Strom Spa at Mont Saint Hilaire

When a fire burned to the ground the Strom Spa at Mont Saint Hilaire in 2016, many people were saddened at the thought of never having the chance to enjoy again this peaceful oasis. Luckily for the owners and for us, the spa just re-opened its doors to the public, offering brand new saunas and bath, along with a new pool and restaurant. But what makes the place truly unique is the breathtaking view you can have from the panoramic room, allowing you to totally escape from the madness of your reality for a moment of pure bliss.


Go on a road trip with Fujifilm instax SQ6

There is something about instant films that makes you want to jump on a car and hit the road, just so you can have something exciting to document. The new 1: square format instax SQUARE SQ6  by Fujifilm captures the beauty of that kind of spontaneous moment,so that you can cherish those memories forever. Just pick up the camera, and snap!