Just like eating good fats doesn’t make you fat, using essential oils on your face doesn’t make you oily.


I have to admit, I’m the kind of person that was quite skeptic when the word got out that using oils on your face was the key to a healthy complexion, but after months of washing my face with coconut oil and noticing huge improvements on the way it looks, I guess it’s not that silly after all. Just like eating good fats doesn’t make you fat, using essential oils on your face doesn’t make you oily.

My skincare regiment strictly includes natural products. Typical skincare products use toxic chemicals that have been linked to health issues such as cancer, infertility, liver/kidney damage etc. so I tend to keep my distance from those. Knowing that we absorb 60% of what we put on our skin, spreading a mixture that contains ingredients that usually requires gloves and goggles when handled  doesn’t seem appealing to me. We know how what we put in our body affects our skin and overall health, but what we put on it is just as crucial for reaching our maximal level of wellness.

No matter how many DIY skincare products you make at home using lemons, honey, and raw sugar, nothing gets your skin cleansed like a professional treatment, at least that’s what I’ve heard. I’ve never gotten a facial before and I could feel my face begging for it. I mean, we go to the dentist on a regular basis while still brushing our teeth everyday, why shouldn’t our face deserve the same attention?

The cosmetician at Annie Young cosmétiques introduced me to the new line of concentrate serums from Odacité made of essentials oils and plant extracts. This brand carries products that are entirely vegan, organic and free of GMO’s. They described themselves as the perfect mix between luxurious French skincare and the California green living philosophy.

In order to find out which one fits my skin’s specific needs, she looked at my bare face through a magnifying mirror and manipulated my pores in every possible angle, familiarizing herself with what was about to be her playground. She chose the products according to what my skin might benefit from and did the whole cleanse, scrub, peel ritual.

I left the place feeling just like I thought I would, fresh and sad that it’s over. Odacité won me over with their magical oils and frequent trips to the salon is about to be a new habit of mine.




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