London is where it’s at.

Illustrated People is a brand that is unique and free spirited. With a relaxed voice of style created by the innovative ideas of a group, they stand for creativity, originality and freedom of expression. They believe in the optimism young individuals have as they push through challenges with illimited energy and drive.

Here is a sneak peak of what you can expect from Illustrated People.





Born from a collected group of collaborators, Illustrated People finds inspiration in all art forms and crafts in and around the London area. Constantly evolving, they enjoy every moment of research and not knowing who will walk in through the doors next. This ten year old company is always looking to step up their game as not only a brand but in fashion as well.

They have recently collaborated with photographer Phoebe Lettice who inspires herself from the love of Japanese culture, 90’s nostalgia and androgynous shapes. We are looking forward in seeing what illustrated People will come up with next!